What we do and who we are

Children can seem a complete mystery.  What they eat is hard enough to work out, let alone what interesting toys they might want for their birthday.  And it is not always easy to remember birthdays.

We have scoured the world to find a really useful selection of fun, unusual and different presents for children.  We test every potential present before it goes on our website - we build the robot kits, paint the fairies, doodle with the pens, play the games and yes, we even wear the t-shirt! We can giftwrap your presents, send them direct with a handwritten birthday card and even send you a birthday reminder every year.

In the unlikely event that you get it wrong and you end up buying something that he or she already has or really doesn't like, then return the unused present to us and we will credit you so you can replace it with something else.

The Wicked Uncle Team

We are a community of small, pointy-eared elves based in a large warehouse in the the deep country somewhere over the rainbow near Elf Springs, MD with a mission to provide brilliant toys for boys and girls. The company was founded by a former employee of the multinational S. Claus Toy Corporation to do cool stuff all year round and have fun. We do lots of research on toys and many of them are extensively tested by real children.

Email us at support@wickeduncle.com 

Call our friendly team on (240) 766 8990. Monday - Friday 9-5pm EST.

Why are you called Wicked Uncle?

Because it sounds cool. And it is a great name for a toy shop.

PS A couple of random jokes that make us laugh:

What is brown and sticky ? A stick.

What is the best part about living in Switzerland ? Not sure, but the flag is a big plus.

How did the Yeti feel when he had the flu? Abominable.

If you become a customer and buy stacks of cool toys for boys and girls, we will send you even more of these brilliant jokes.

And finally, here is our favourite other site on the web. It is called Storynory and it is full of original, free audio stories for children. Great for bedtimes or car journeys. They have even written some stories about a really cool character called The Wicked Uncle inspired by us.

The Website

Our site was created by Sound in Theory in Exeter, Devon, UK.  It has also got a really neat backend which we are very proud of.  If you need an ecommerce site, give them a call. Tom Bates, tom@soundintheory.co.uk, Tel. 00 44 1392 499498.