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Nov, 2017

How to be Wicked Smahter in time for the Holidays

Do Your Kids need to be Smaht ?  

Every child needs to be wicked smart.    (Of course, the jury is still out on teenagers, but no need to go there).

You might make them read the Economist or memorize Encylopedia Brittanica (if they can find it). Or ship them to Boston or is that Boise  ?

But, if all else fails, you could get them a very clever and fun IQ Puzzler Pro Brainteaser.

This is a brilliantly clever, highly portable, 2D and 3D puzzle set, with over 120 different challenges. It is like having 120 Sudokus in your pocket, except that it is tactile, nicely coloured and you won’t look like you are filling in the clues randomly.

The puzzle pieces are stuck together into various shapes. You check the booklet, choose a puzzle and lay out the pieces you don’t play with. Then you have to fit the playing pieces into the puzzle. The faster you do this, the smarter you are.

It works for anybody aged 6 and upwards. And is quite challenging. If you are being watched by a 10 year old, act cool and suggest they take over and have a go. Once they have mastered all the 2D challenges, they can move onto 3D, and 120 puzzles later they should be ready to design suspension bridges, pyramids and a cure for the common cold.

Everybody loves doing puzzles and since it packs up into a handy little box, you can take it anywhere. You could say it is like an iPhone, except it doesn’t do email or texts. Or voice.

And this brilliant piece of brain training machinery costs $11.95 as opposed to the price of a “respectable” four year college.

Happy Braining Up,

The Wicked Uncle Holidays is Definitely Coming Team

Ps  And a few random jokes – this week all entirely suitable:

What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison ? You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo.

Where do you find a no legged dog? Right where you left him.

Last year I got lost in the Amazon rainforest. Luckily I had a compass. So I was able to draw perfect circles.

And, do not panic, there is still time for at least one (early) turkey joke.


Why did the turkey cross the road on Thanksgiving ?  He was pretending to be a chicken.

Nov, 2017

Holiday Travel Plans? Gettin’ ready for packin’ up the kids in the old station wagon?

Except now, kids are used to screens, choosing the music, watching their shows, and checking their twittles for beeps. Or something. But what hasn’t changed is the dreaded feeling of loading up the car, double-checking that everyone’s got their gear, and strapping them in for a long car ride.

Don’t worry! Wicked Uncle’s got you covered. There’s a ton of holidays coming up – long weekends away, Thanksgiving dinner gatherings, etc. This is the perfect time for you to shine as the favorite Uncle, the doting Grandma, the super-cool wicked-cooky Godmom. Send your littler, less inhibited relations jumping into your adoring arms after an arduous car ride made more tolerable with a sweet and thoughtful gift from you.

There are three directions you can go with this, really – the Solitary Scholar, the Peculiar Puzzler, or the Jolly Joiner. Help ‘em while away the highway hours with better than you ever had. Forget iSpy and that license plate game. We’ve upgraded!

#1 Solitary Scholar Choice:

Knights: a High-speed History

Appealing to the visually inspired and a sucker for a solid story, this comic book history of a medieval knights’ lives, habits, gear, and rules, covers just about everything you’d need to know about knights. Trivia abound, painted alive in vivid cartoons, and full of easily quotable facts suitable for impressing one’s elders at dinner – any day-dreaming bookworm will flip!

#2 Peculiar Puzzler Choice:

Quadrillion IQ Logic Game

Quadrillion is the ultimate quizzical endeavor – a hybrid between chinese checkers and solitaire, this game is highly portable and less messy than a lot of play-in-your-lap options because all the pieces and boards are magnetic! There are 60, count ‘em, SIXTY challenges to complete, outlined in the instruction guide, with the option to design your own challenges. For the kid who uses every spare moment to stretch their brain muscles!

#3 The Jolly Joiner:

The Amazing Emoji Puzzles Book

For the kid who runs their own social media empire! This puzzle book is a treasure trove of riddles, quests, games, and trivia totally in line with the millenial zeitgeist. From sticker emoji sudoku, to questions and quizzes about books, movies, and TV, the Amazing Emoji Puzzles Book can be completed interactively, shouting out questions and clues and swapping stickers, or solo, if everyone else is already snoring. The games are cleverly designed to twist and tease your mental acumen while disguising the activity as light-hearted fluff.


Shock your tiny relations with these absolute ZINGERS:

What do frogs like to drink on a hot summer’s day?



What did the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean?

Nothing, it just waved.


Riddle: Where can you find an ocean without water?

Answer: On a map!

Oct, 2017

Detecting Gear for the Ultimate Secret Intelligence Kids

Spy Another Day and Get Smarter! Top Shelf Gear for Top Shelf Espionage

Espionage has never been so easy as it is in the 21st century. We should be sending our kids out into the fray, with all the gear they’ve got available to them! Naturally, we’ve got a pretty hefty selection ourselves. After all, the CIA says it’s best to start spy-training at a young age if you really want to have the edge on the competition. Given the turnover at the FBI, giving your kid the resources for a sparkling career opportunity may start right here, at Wicked Uncle!

Super Spy: Unmasking the Double Agent: This action-packed book invites kids to solve a mystery that’s been left unsolved for 50 years. Using the identity cards, poison guide, decoder, and more, you can put yourself in the shoes of a high-clearance intelligence agent to crack the case once and for all! (more…)

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