10 Unique Hanukkah Gifts for Kids in 2023


Ah, yes, the lightest, brightest time of the year: Hannukah. For the kids, this means eight nights of presents! And for the adults, this means buying eight night’s worth of presents…! Sure, you can fill a few nights with chocolate coins and dreidels. But those other evenings call for something a little more fun! Luckily, Wicked Uncle has everything you need to make this Hannukah the brightest one yet!

  1. Glow Art
  2. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls
  3. Scavenger Hunt
  4. Adopt-a-Penguin
  5. Neon Effect Message Frame
  6. Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens
  7. Hanukkah Oreo Gift Box
  8. Yetta, the Yiddish Chicken
  9. Giant Piano Mat
  10. Flashing LED Baseball Cap

1Glow Art, $24.99$24.99

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8 nights, 8 lights, infinite drawings

This brilliant board features dozens of colored LED lights and comes with fluorescent markers so you can create original masterpieces. Or if you’d prefer, trace other artists’ pictures by using the see-through screen. Turn on the frame to give your artwork a neon glow. The colorful lights illuminate in 36 different ways! Wipes clean with a dry cloth so that the fun can go on and on!

2Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, $34.95$34.95

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Little rebels, big dreams

Sugar and spice and everything nice? Not exactly! With 100 tales of female heroism and stunning illustrations by 60 women artists, this hardcover book is a gift that will keep on giving, long after Hannukah is over. This inspiring tome features stories about artists, scientists, activists, marine biologists, and warrior queens. A perfect pick for avid readers and future history-makers.

3Scavenger Hunt, $9.99$9.99

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A rebellious spin on an old classic

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel–yes, everyone loves to play dreidel, but sometimes you just need a change of pace. Why not take a break and embark on a Scavenger Hunt instead? Spin the spinner, draw a card showing which common household object you need to find, set a timer for two minutes, and then go, go, go! Perfect for keeping the whole family entertained on those long winter nights.

4Adopt-a-Penguin, $29.99$29.99

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Tikkun olam! Repair the world!

For the young conservationists in your family! The kit includes a fact sheet about endangered Galapagos creatures, a map of the island, a penguin postcard, and simple instructions that allow you to adopt a real penguin! Just register online and the Conservation Trust will ensure your penguin is taken care of for a full year. You’ll even get a certificate to show that you protect this penguin.

5Neon Effect Message Board, $24.99$24.99

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Shine through the darkness

For Jews, Hanukkah’s all about bringing light into darkness. And this message board positively glows! The 9-inch square frame features a central glass panel. Use the three vibrant neon pens to create artwork, jot down messages, or practice writing Hebrew. Simply wipe clean using a dry cloth and start all over again. Brilliant!

6Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pen, $24.99$24.99

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A miraculous gift

Everything you need to create magical pictures! This clever set of 25 pens includes color change pens, invisible ink pens, and more. Make cool 3D letters or change and erase colors instantly! You can also scrawl secret messages using special white pens. And parents can breathe easy because the ink is washable and easy to remove from fabric. A true miracle!

7Hanukkah Oreo Gift Box, $6.99$6.99

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Munchies for Maccabees

Who doesn’t love a little bit of chocolate during Hanukkah? This set of three Belgian chocolate-covered Oreos makes a yummy gift for chocoholics tired of eating gelt. Adorable and festive designs featuring a dreidel, menorah, and sufganiyot. Also includes Hanukkah wishes inside and outside. A fabulous way to say “Happy Hannukah” again…and again…and again.

8Beautiful Yetta, the Yiddish Chicken, $16.99$16.99

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One chicken’s fight for freedom

Why should the chicken-related fun end at the dinner table? This quirky, illustrated book tells the tale of Yetta, a chicken who escapes her crate and ends up in Brooklyn, all by her lonesome. Yetta encounters scary rats, a sneaky cat, and a flock of Spanish-speaking parrots, whose dialogue is in Spanish. A great language-learning tool, this book also has Yetta’s dialogue translated into Hebrew and transliterated into Yiddish.

9Giant Piano Mat, $49.99$49.99

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Rock of ages, let our song…

This one is for the burgeoning rock stars! This six-foot-long piano mat comes with 24 color-coded keys and ten built-in songs, including Happy Birthday and Chopsticks. Or get them to create their own compositions with eight instrument sounds. Best of all, when you step on the keys, the mat lights up. Learning piano has never been so much fun!

10Flashing LED Baseball Cap, $15.00$15.00

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Festival of lights

Light up the night–and the dance floor! This funky cap features an electric blue LED strip around the bill, adjustable velcro for a comfy fit, and an external on/off switch. To match your mood (and the music), you can set the light to one of four settings: fast, slow, constantly on, or constantly off. Useful all year, and a cool accessory to wear to friends’ bar and bat mitzvahs!

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How much Hanukkah gelt did the skunk get? One scent!



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