36 Awesome Activities to Banish Boredom for Kids during the Christmas Period


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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, it’s immediately followed by that weird week when nothing is open. It’s cold, it’s dark, and you’re stuck at home. But don’t lose hope just yet! To beat the boredom, the Wicked Uncle elves have compiled a list of 36 fun things to do between Christmas and New Year.

Ready to be inspired? Here we go…

1. Plan an indoor scavenger hunt. Do it yourself or try this wacky search and retrieve game. If you get lucky with the weather, you could move the fun to a park or playground!

2. Have everyone do an assigned art project. Self-portraits? A still-life? Display the finished products in a “gallery” on the refrigerator or a wall. Ooh la la!

3. Learn some magic. Find tutorials online or try one of the 50 Amazing Magic Tricks in this kit.

4. If you’re still working your way through those boring Christmas leftovers, change up the scenery with an indoor picnic. It’s amazing how sitting on a blanket can make even the dryest turkey taste a little better!

5. Write a play as a family, assign roles, dress up in costume, and put on your own Broadway-worthy show.

6. And if you’re brave enough to hand over control of your phone to your kids, you could also have them shoot and edit their very own movie…

7. Print some free coloring sheets from the internet.

8. Build a cozy fort with pillows, cushions, blankets, chairs, cardboard boxes… anything goes!

9. Move all that pesky furniture out of the way, crank up the speakers, and transform your living room into a disco.

10. Alleviate some of that holiday stress with an at-home, DIY spa break. Face masks, bath bombs, foot massages… Ahhh…

11. Board games! Settle in for an afternoon of old favorites, or for something new, try Are You Dumber than a Box of Rocks? A very good question and an even better game!

Are you dumber than a box of rocks

12. Get that popcorn popping and settle in for an all-day movie marathon. 

13. Nothing like a jigsaw puzzle to get bickering siblings to work together! For an extra challenge, mix up the pieces of two different jigsaws and do them both at the same time.

14. Make DIY thank-you cards for all the friends and relatives who gave you Christmas gifts.

15. Out with the old, in with the new! Go through the house and toss all the toys, clothes, and other stuff you don’t need into boxes to be sold online or donated to charity.

16. Stretch, dance, move! Find a YouTube exercise or choreography video and get everyone to join in, especially Dad, who could really use the dance lesson…

17. Set intentions. Have everyone make lists of things they want to do, see, and try next year!

18. Plan a three-course meal using recipes from the internet or a cookbook. Put the kids to work in the kitchen, have someone with good penmanship make menus, and set the table so that it looks like a fancy restaurant!

19. Host your own trivia game show. Find questions and answers online.

20. Okay, so this one requires some planning ahead: visit the library before everything closes for Christmas and have the kids pick out some books. Hide the books away until after Christmas and then host your own little literary festival!

21. Play cards. Teach your kids one of your favorite games from your childhood. No cheating!

Me? Cheat at card games? Never!

22. Go for a daily walk. Make it a ‘nature walk’ by collecting pinecones, sticks, and other found objects to make crafts when you get home.

23. Set up an obstacle course in the house. Time how long it takes each person to complete it. Do it again and again and again, aiming for a personal best… Whew, getting dizzy!

24. Create your own crafty New Year’s decorations. Think hats, confetti, and glittery banners.

25. No need to order pricey takeout pizza when you can make your own. Turn your kitchen into an Italian pizzeria… But forget authenticity! The more creative the toppings, the more fun!

26. Find some scrap paper and learn some simple origami.

27. Quit clowning around! Grab some satsumas, find a tutorial video online, and learn how to juggle.

28. Rummage through the closets and put on a fashion show. Work it!

29. One word: karaoke. Okay, a few more words: play a karaoke game on a games console if you have one. If not, just load some karaoke videos on YouTube.

30. All you need is a piece of paper (for recordkeeping) and a stopwatch to set up the ultimate fitness challenge: How many pushups can your kids do in a minute? How many sit-ups? How many jumping jacks? They’ll sleep well tonight…

31. Do some science experiments. Look up some DIY ones online, or try the Kidzlabs Kitchen Science which containts 6 bubbiling experiements!

32. Do a photoshoot and then use editing software to transform the normal photos into silly ones!

33. Dig out some newspapers and magazines from the recycling bin, get the scissors, and make some gorgeous (or hilarious) collages.

34. Bundle up in your warmest winter coat, grab a trash bag and some gloves, and embark on a neighborhood litter pick-up. Turn it into a competition: who can find the most plastic bottles? Or a scavenger hunt: the first person to find three potato chip bags, four soda cans, and seven plastic bottles is the winner!

35. Skype or Facetime with any friends or family members who weren’t able to make it to Christmas.

36. Start planning your summer vacation together–warmer weather and longer days will be here before you know it!

For toys and games to keep the whole family entertained, check out the wicked range on our website!

What happened to the thief who stole a calendar on New Year’s Eve? He got 12 months!



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