Amazing and Weird Christmas Traditions Around the World for Kids


Everyone celebrates Christmas slightly differently. Some people go all out and spend time with the whole family; others use it as the perfect time for a vacation. Some people look forward to turkey and stuffing, whereas others are more interested in eggnog and pumpkin pie. For kids, the way they celebrate Christmas differs hugely around the world. For example, did you know that kids in Japan are more likely to be eating fried chicken than ham? Below, we have taken a look at some of the weirdest Christmas traditions around the world for kids.

Christmas Traditions Around the World for Kids

Japan – Having KFC for Christmas Dinner

There is a lot to love about Christmas dinner, especially if you are a fan of turkey. But, let’s face it, a lot of kids would prefer to have their favorite takeout. In Japan, they would be in luck! It’s tradition in Japan to have KFC on Christmas day, something we can’t imagine happening here in the US!

This tradition is due to a combination of clever marketing, and the fact that Japanese ovens are often too small to cater a large festive feast. Having KFC for Christmas is so popular in Japan that reservations need to be made ahead of time!

Germany – Leaving a Shoe Outside Their Bedroom Door

This Christmas tradition really kicks off the holiday season in Germany, as it happens on the evening of December 5th. German children leave a shoe or a boot outside their bedroom door, and wait to find out if they have been good throughout the year. If they have, they will wake up to find their shoe or boot filled with sweets!

Ukraine – Decorating the Christmas Tree with Spiders

If your kids like insects and creepy crawlies, they are sure to love this tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with an artificial spider. It’s a tradition that takes place in Ukraine and it stems back to a story of a woman who couldn’t afford to decorate her Christmas tree.

It’s an old tale, but rumor has it she woke up on Christmas morning to find a spider on her tree, with its web sparkling and shining as the perfect decoration. Plus, it’s meant to bring you good luck!

Italy – Having an Old Witch Deliver Presents to Good Kids

There are a lot of kids around the world to deliver presents to, which is why Santa has his elves and reindeer to help. In Italy, kids have another person to thank – a witch! La Befana is an old witch, who delivers presents to children throughout Italy.

It’s said that the three wise men invited the witch to join them on their quest to see the baby Jesus, but she was too busy. What was she doing? Delivering presents of course! The tradition started when the Vatican couldn’t prove the existence of Santa. Instead, they decided to spread the word about La Befana.

These are some of our favorite weird and wonderful Christmas traditions from around the world, but do you have any others to add? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting us: @WickedUncleUSA



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