Amazing Art Kits for Creative 10-Year-Olds


Looking for the perfect gift for a ten-year-old kid who loves art, drawing, and other creative pursuits? We’ve got you covered! From craft boxes and filmmaking sets to imagination-building games, here’s our ultimate list of the most amazing art kits for creative 10-year-olds!

Top 10 Art Kits for 10-Year-Olds:

  1. Neon Effect Message Frame
  2. Origami Flower Lights
  3. Butterfly Pillowcase
  4. Amazing Magic Pens
  5. Electric Paper Planes
  6. What’s So Funny Joke Diary
  7. Juicy Couture DIY Chain and Charm Bracelet Kit
  8. Pencil Nose
  9. Story Cubes

1 Neon Effect Message Frame – Lights Up ,  $29.99 $29.99

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A brilliant gift idea

Watch your favorite kid’s face light up with this awesome neon effect frame! Leave notes, doodle, and draw with the bright, vibrant pens. Hang the frame on the wall or stand it on any flat surface. Then, show off your artwork by turning the frame on and watching as your masterpiece illuminates with a neon glow effect. Best of all, the fun can go on and on — just wipe clean with a dry cloth to start all over again. Inspiring!

2 Origami Flower Lights – Fold Your Own ,  $21.99 $21.99

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Crafting meets home decorating

Creative kids can make stunning decorations for their bedroom with this beautiful kit. Follow the simple instructions to fold the patterned sheets of origami paper into bees, ladybugs, and flowers. Add them to the string of lights and hang them across your wall or window. A wonderful craft set certain to brighten up any bedroom!

3 Butterfly Pillowcase – Doodle your own! ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Sweet dreams in a lovely garden

Kids who love coloring will have hours of fun with this gorgeous cotton pillowcase. It comes with ten wash-out pens so kids can color, wash, and color again. The design depicts a lovely natural scene, brimming with beautiful butterflies and fabulous flowers. A totally original way to encourage creativity and mindfulness!

4 Amazing Magic Pens – 25 Color Changing Markers ,  $25.99 $25.99

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The coolest set of markers on the block

Clever, arty kids will adore this set of 25 magic markers! Scrawl notes to friends, draw, and so much more with markers that can change color, write in invisible ink, and create stunning 3D letters. The tips are shock-proof and durable, so these awesome pens will stand up to any artist’s demands. Get ready for some truly magical pieces of art!

5 Electric Paper Plane – Power Up your Flight ,  $25.99 $25.99

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High-flying fun

Transform an ordinary paper airplane into an electric-powered flying machine that impressively circles through the air. With an attachable module that charges up the propeller in just 20 seconds, can you beat the paper plane world record flight time of 30 seconds? This motorized paper airplane kit comes with folding guides, quick-charge pack and a spare propeller too. Make the perfect glide and watch it soar – just fold, charge and fly, wow!

6 What’s So Funny? – Lockable Joke Diary ,  $19.99 $19.99

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Get ready to laugh

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a future standup comedian, look no further. This fantastic 216-page journal gives kids space to write their own original material and is also bursting with 100 hilarious jokes for inspiration. What’s even cooler? The punchlines can only be revealed with the included magic pen! And cooler still, the journal comes with a lock and two keys so comedians can keep their jokes safe from the competition. Perfect!

7 Juicy Couture DIY Chain and Charm Bracelet Kit ,  $25.99 $25.99

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A kit for future fashion designers

This lovely craft set comes with all the charms and glitz little fashionistas need to make twelve lovely pieces of jewelry. Design awesome accessories with more than 100 colorful beads, twelve cool charms, and velvet ribbons. Provides hours of creative, hands-on fun! And of course, what’s even more fun is getting to wear your fashionable creations or giving them away to friends. Stylish!

8 Pencil Nose – Draw With Your Snout! ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Got a nose for drawing?

We’ve all played the classic guess-the-drawing party game, but this hilarious version is unlike any other! Just pick a card and then use the special pencil nose glasses to draw the clue on an erasable drawing pad. The results are sure to be interesting… Whoever guesses the clue correctly wins the turn. Suited for four or more players, and certain to be a wacky good time for all!

9 Story Cubes – Hone Your Imagination!! ,  $19.99 $19.99

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Inspiration in a box

Future authors, screenwriters, and storytellers will adore this brilliant little set! Roll the story cubes and use the face-up images to invent your own one-of-a-kind tales. With 54 images on nine cubes, that’s over 10 million possible story combinations. A wonderful way to inspire creativity and imagination—and great for curing writer’s block!

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