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Glow in the dark toys for kids

Glow in the dark toys are always a big hit with kids. There’s something magical about a toy that comes to life in the dark, which makes them popular with kids of all ages (and us adults, too!). After all, who doesn’t love to see the mesmerizing effect of a toy that comes to life with bright colors.

Here at Wicked Uncle, we love toys that glow, which is why we stock such a fantastic choice of these illuminated toys and accessories. We have amazing glowing toys for kids with every kind of interest. So, whether your kids are arty or adventurous, you will find glow in the dark fun that they will love within our range.

Speaking of things that glow, we have a joke for you:

How do you make a glow worm glow? You feed it a light snack!

Check out our top choices of glow in the dark toys and accessories below. Ready, set, glow!

Amazing Glow in the Dark Toys

  1. Astroshot – Hovering Target Game
  2. Glow Art – Neon Effect Drawing Board
  3. Interactive Glow T-Shirt
  4. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow – Shoots to Space
  5. Glow in the Dark Rock Painting – 14 Piece Set
  6. Lawn Darts -Glow in the Dark
  7. Science Experiments
  8. Chasing Fireflies – Shine & Seek Fun!
  9. Galaxy Throw – Snuggly Fleece with Glowing Moon & Stars
  10. Happy Alien Hat – Glows in the Dark

1 Astroshot – Hovering Target Game ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Shoot targets floating in the air

Place the soft styrofoam balls onto the target air base, switch on and watch as a current of air makes the balls levitate and float. Now the ultimate shoot out can begin – load with the ten soft foam darts, take aim and fire! You can even adjust the height of the balls for added difficulty and they glow in the dark too. Effective range from up to 25 feet and also comes with five flip targets to knock down to change up the game – who can hit them first! Suitable for ages 6+.

2 Glow Art – Neon Effect Drawing Board (Pink) ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Creates glowing artwork

The Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board brings your artwork to life with its amazing illuminated effect. The see-through frame allows you to trace pictures before switching on the frame and seeing your masterpiece brought to life in lights. Budding artists can also create their own pictures ready to display thanks to this wipe-clean drawing board’s in-built stand. Simply use the colored fluorescent markers provided to make your pictures and transform them in up to 36 ways with different color and light effects.

3 Interactive Glow T-Shirt – Black age 7-8 ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Draw your own design!

This Interactive Glow T-Shirt is the ultimate in creative clothing. Kids will love being able to create their own glow in the dark designs on the t-shirt again and again. Simply use the UV laser pen to draw designs on the t-shirt’s glow panel to reveal the stunning glow in the dark effect. Wait five minutes for the design to fade and then you can draw a new design on your t-shirt. This interactive t-shirt is perfect for sleepovers, discos, and parties. Available for ages 7-8, 9-11, and 12-14.

4 Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow – Shoot To Space! ,  $21.99 $21.99

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Blasts up to 100 ft in the air!

Get ready for blast off with the Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow. Use the power of your stomp to send the foam rockets flying up to 100 feet in the air! This easy to assemble foam rocket set comes with four glowing foam rockets that you can fire into the sky. Simply stomp hard on the launch pad and watch your rockets blast off high into the air. Perfect outdoor fun for kids aged three years and over.

5 Glow in the Dark Rock Painting – 14 Piece Set ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Make glow in the dark rocks

Arty kids will love to create their own glow in the dark rocks. This Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Set contains everything you need to make your own glow in the dark rock masterpieces. This 14 piece set includes five rocks ready for you to paint, two acrylic paints, four high-quality glow in the dark paints, plus two paintbrushes. The project guide included features 10 step-by-step ideas to try at home. Ideal for ages five years and over.

6 Lawn Darts – Glow in the Dark ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Play at any time of day

These Glow in the Dark Lawn Darts provide a fun twist on this popular family game. Put your skills to the test and play against the family as you toss the darts into the target rings to try and be the first to reach 21. Simply place the darts in the light to charge them to enjoy 30 minutes of glow in the dark fun and play at any time of the day. This awesome set comes complete with four colorful darts, two target rings and a handy carry bag. Great fun for 2 to 4 players.

7 Fun Glow In The Dark Science Experiments ,  $21.99 $21.99

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Explore STEM with immersive hands-on projects

Captivate young scientists with four multi-step activities. Make your own glow-in-the-dark slime, create an x-ray, scan the skeletal sytsme and construct a radium atom. This intriguing kit includes all the materials and a detailed guide, learning about famous scientist Marie Curie and her many contributions to the fields of chemistry and physics. Fun learning through experimentation – fascinating.

8 Chasing Fireflies – Shine & Seek Fun! ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Find light up fireflies and catch them in jars

This fun activity set has you hiding ten light-up fireflies, 5 blue and 5 green, in your garden or home, then sending little ones off to find and collect them in their mason jars. The green and blue soft plastic fireflies pulse with light – looks awesome! Classic mason jars (made of plastic for worry-free play) complete the nostalgic charm of this get up and go game! Follow the beacon for a game of shine and seek!

9 Galaxy Throw – Glows in the Dark! ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Fluffy grey fleece blanket with glowing stars & moons

Add a touch of wonder to any bedroom with this fun and fascinating 100% polyester throw. Measuring 50″ by 60″, the blanket is made of lovely grey fleece, fantastically soft and fluffy to the touch. The eye-catching pattern features bold stars and crescent moons that glow in the dark, just like magic! Perfect for bedtime or lounging on the sofa, this special glowing blanket is sure to bring comfort and joy to any little aspiring astronaut.

Alien Hat – With Flappy Answering Arms! ,  $19.99 $19.99

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Hilarious hat flips up with YES or NO, with glowing eye too!

This clever interactive hat is shaped like a mischievous alien. Operated with a simple squeeze of the hands, just squish his dangly feet and a puff of air will make his arms flip and flap. The paws feature badges that say ‘YES’ and ‘NO’, so you can even have your hat answer questions for you – and the eye in the center of his funny face glows in the dark too! Made of cozy polyester and fantastically fun, this is definitely the coolest hat this side of Jupiter!

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