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Gifts for Tween Boys by Wicked Uncle USA

Looking for some awesome gifts for tween boys? Whether you’re looking for a present for a birthday or a ‘just because’ treat, we’ve got you covered! With some help from our expert panel of children and team of toy exprts, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of games and toys that tween boys will love. From brain-teasing puzzles and wacky challenge games to cool bedroom decor, here are our top picks!

  1. Zzzopa Slam Dunk – Spin It, Bounce It, Throw It!
  2. Bean Boozled – Jelly Bean Challenge, Yummy or Not?
  3. 100 Things To Do – Scratch Off Bucket List
  4. IQ Puzzler Pro – 2D & 3D Brain Teaser
  5. MindTrap Game – Riddles & Brain Teasers
  6. Phone Escape Room

1 Slam Dunk Zzzopa Ball – Spin it, Bounce it, Throw it, Fidget! ,  $12.99 $12.99

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The coolest new fidget toy

Tween boys who loved the fidget spinner will love Zzzopa, the world’s first bouncing ball featuring high-speed spin technology. This slam dunk ball contains a high-quality bearing that sits within an axle in its center, which means you can smoothly spin Zzzopa with speed. Start playing around to learn crazy tricks, ricochets, spinning jumps, and more. A highly entertaining ball, perfect for keeping boys from bouncing off the walls!

2 Bean Boozled – Jelly Bean Challenge, Yummy or Not? ,  $12.99 $12.99

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Beanboozle your friends!

Know a boy who loves gross-out stuff? Beanboozle will make the perfect gift! Spin the wheel to decide which color jelly bean you’ll have to take. The trick is that each bean color could be one of two flavors: a yummy one or a yucky one. Choose a white bean — will it be coconut or spoiled milk? Will the brown one be chocolate pudding or canned dog food? A hilarious game that’s sure to make kids laugh… and maybe gag. May luck be on your side!

3 100 Kids Activities – Scratch off Bucket List ,  $16.99 $16.99

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A cool motivational poster

This stylish poster makes an awesome addition to any tween boy’s bedroom wall. The tiles contain 100 of the best experiences from around the world. Scratch them off as you get closer and closer to completing this inspiring bucket list: learn sign language, go on safari, make a snowman, go whale-watching… A gift that will be appreciated for years to come, and a great way to get motivated to embark on adventures big and small! YOLO!

4 IQ Puzzler Pro – 2D & 3D Brain Teaser ,  $19.99 $19.99

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Challenge your brain…

Build that genius IQ with this engaging and entertaining brain teaser. It sounds simple enough: use various combinations of colored connected balls to complete the designs from the enclosed booklet. And while some of the 120 challenges are easy, others are very, very tricky! You’ll need to fill in more and more missing pieces as you move from the 2D puzzles to the twisted, expert-level 3D pyramids. A great toy for indoor play on rainy days or quiet time in the evenings. Challenge: accepted!

5 MindTrap Game ,  $19.99 $19.99

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Riddles, Brain Teasers & More!

Challenge your friends to the ultimate test of wits with this cool game for two players or teams. Based on the beloved 90s classic, simply take turns answering lateral thinking puzzles and riddles – and testing your grey matter!

6 Phone Escape Room ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Can you crack the code?

Pop your smartphones inside the metal cage, lock it with the combination lock, then solve tricky cards as you try to escape Shackle Prison. Test your nerve with brainteasers, lateral thinking puzzles and more!

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