Best Bath Toys for Toddlers Who Hate Bathtime


Bathtime is a luxury for adults. For kids, it’s pure torture. Nevertheless, it must be suffered through. If we at Wicked Uncle can ease your aching muscles, so to speak, let us be your Epsom salt and soothe you with a selection of our best bath toys for toddlers.

We’ve got tons of tricks to get your muddy, stinky babies excited about dunking themselves in a perilous porcelain pool. All you’ve got to do is get them in there – we’ll handle the fun stuff. Before you know it, they’ll be BEGGING to interrupt their evenings and get squeaky clean!

  1. Make Your Own Bath Bombs
  2. World Map in the Tub
  3. Hoops for the Tub
  4. Donut Scented Bath Bombs

1Make Your Own Bath Bombs, $21.99$21.99

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First things first – make it interactive. It’s always more enjoyable to do anything if you’ve got a stake in it. The Make Your Own Bath Bombs kit has everything you need to get to fizzling. It’s got a 36-page instruction guide, three different colors of baking soda, and strawberry kiwi oil so you’ll smell like an exotic fruit bowl at the end of it all. What could you possibly want to do more after making a bath bomb than USE IT!?

2World Map in the Tub, $15.99$15.99

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Step two to making the bath enticing – turn it into a cruise ship traveling the globe. With the World Map in the Tub, every bubble bath instantly whisks you away to South America, the Taj Mahal, the mountains in Africa. The 29-piece puzzle includes fun facts about all the regions of our world, adorable and terrifying animals, and the tiles stick on the tile OR float on the water?! Cheaper than a cruise ship, I’ll tell you that much.

3Hoops for the Tub, $12.99$12.99

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Perfect for the tinier tots, we’ve got a set of Hoops for the Tub. You can suction to the tiles to line up baby’s first lay-up. The set’s got three different colored balls and the mesh net is closed, so you won’t even have to dive deep into the treacherous bubbles to retrieve scores. You can lead a babe to water – but can you make ‘em dunk?

4Donut Scented Bath Bombs, $10.99$10.99

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And this staffer’s personal favorite – Donut Scented Bath Bombs. Three luscious, frosted sugar-dough scented treats dissolve in your bath water and transport you to a bakery on the boardwalk. If all else fails, and the kiddos remain unmoved by games and crafts, simply draw a bath, drop the bomb, and let ‘em follow their sniffers in.

It can be frustrating to scrub these scroungy little things, but trust me – it’s a habit better learned sooner than later!

Q: Which birds steal soap from the bath ?

A: Robber ducks !

Q: When a dirty kid has finished taking a bath, what is still dirty?

A: The bathtub.



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