Keep Kids Entertained (and Learning) While Schools Are Closed With These STEM Toys


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Do you have or know a kid who is suddenly home on an unexpected holiday for the next few weeks? Are you panicking about how to keep them busy – and about lost classroom time? Look no further; Wicked Uncle is here to help with a list of great STEM toys to keep your kids entertained and educated while they’re home:

Top 11 Tried & Tested STEM toys

  1. That’s Gross – Science Lab
  2. Talking Microscope
  3. Smart Bot Motion Robot
  4. Crazy Forts
  5. Zoomy – Handheld Digital Microscope
  6. Sea Monkeys – On Mars!
  7. Discovery Adventure Scope
  8. Solar Hydraulic Robot Kit
  9. Shining Stars Projector
  10. Sparkleworks – Design & Drill
  11. The Human Body Science Kit

1That’s Gross – Science Lab, $24.79$24.79

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Kitchen chemistry

Any mad scientists in your family? Why not turn your kitchen into a full-fledged laboratory?! This awesome kit contains 26 disgusting at-home experiments. Use the toilet bowl mixer to blend common kitchen ingredients. Yucky concoctions like Electric Sludge and Pooping Poo will make learning science a disgusting delight! Comes with a 24-page book brimming with easy-to-follow instructions and wacky chemistry facts.

2Talking Microscope , $49.99$49.99

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Up close and personal

A fantastic first microscope! This gadget features a light and a 5x focusing magnifier. It comes with 20 prepared slides so you can take a long, hard look at some very yucky bugs. Better yet? The microscope talks! Fortunately, it’s not the bugs talking. The microscope is voiced by conservationist Bindi Irwin, who reads out more than 100 fun facts. There’s even a quiz mode to test your knowledge!

3Smart Bot Motion Robot , $49.99$49.99

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One smart bot!

What kid doesn’t love robots? Program this hi-tech, 10-inch-tall model to perform up to 50 actions. Control him with an infra-red remote or train him to recognize your hand movements with his motion detectors! This zany robot can walk, slide, turn, and even bust a move on the dance floor. He talks in a futuristic robot language, and his LED eyes produce adorable facial expressions. The future is here!

4Crazy Forts, $56.99$56.99

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Build your dream house!

Little builders and architects will adore this hands-on toy, perfect for rainy days! If you can dream it, you can build it: igloos, spaceships, castles… The kit comes with 25 geometrically precise plastic balls and 44 reinforced sticks. When the structure is complete, drape a sheet or blanket over the top and voila, instant fort! And good news for parents: it’s as easy to take down as it is to set up.

5Zoomy – Handheld Digital Microscope, $59.99$59.99

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Seeing is believing!

Sure, it looks like a boring old Easter egg, but this cool gadget is actually a handheld digital microscope that sends photos and videos straight to your PC or Mac via a USB connection! It’s easy to use, easy to hold, and magnifies up to an incredible 54x. Position at any angle to view objects in the minutest of detail. Fun, educational, and extremely hi-tech.

6Sea Monkeys – On Mars!, $19.99$19.99

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Shrimps in space

An ideal gift for nature lovers and aspiring marine biologists. Just add water to hatch the hibernating eggs and bring your sea monkeys to life! The tank features a super cool rocky Martian landscape. Look after your new friends and watch them eat, swim, play, and grow up the 2 cm long! Get a closer look at the sci-fi sealife world through the magnifying lid. 

7Discovery Adventure Scope, $29.99$29.99

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Sneaky fun

For kids who love tech, this adventure scope is sure to be a winner! This spy and adventuring tool features a 27” hose that allows you to look in, over, and all around. You can then view the unreachable on the 2.31” LCD screen. Peer under doors, over fences, and more! The camera has LED lights, so it can even work in the dark!

8Solar Hydraulic Robot Kit, $33.99$33.99

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Harness the power of nature

Know a kid who loves building? Put those engineering skills to use with this wicked robot kit. Use the 230 pieces to create twelve different mechanical models, including a snapping crocodile and a digging excavator. Better yet, each model performs a unique movement. Everything is powered by water or the sun, so no batteries required!

9Shining Stars Projector, $24.99$24.99

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Out of this world!

Young astronomers rejoice! You can finally bring outer space indoors with this fantastic projector! Comes with three discs that enable you to beam 24 full-colored images of space onto any surface. The battery-operated projector is portable with an easy-carry handle so that you can bring it from room to room, or house to house. Early bedtime is no longer an obstacle to stargazing!

10Sparkleworks – Design & Drill, $39.99$39.99

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A designer’s dream!

Brighten up a rainy day with this brilliant activity that set combines creativity and construction. Young designers can drill colorful patterns into the light-up activity board. Cooler still, the lights respond to music and sounds! Clap, sing, or play your favorite song and watch your design light up and ‘dance’ in fun new ways!

11The Human Body Science Kit, $39.99$39.99

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Call the doctor!

Is there a doctor in the house? There will be soon! Future healthcare professionals will have a ball with this awesome kit. Build a stethoscope, examine your fingerprints, test your lung capacity, and explore what happens to the food you eat. The kit features clear instructions and accurate illustrations, so it’s educational in addition to being totally fun!

For lots more wicked toys and games, check out our website!

What do scientists use to freshen their breath? Experi-mints!



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