Fun Toys To Get Kids (And Parents) Through Schools Shutting Due To COVID-19


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Looking for some ways to keep your kids entertained while the schools are shut due to COVID-19? Good news: we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the coolest games and activities for indoor fun. Want some even better news? We’re offering free shipping if your school is closed! Wicked!

Top 10 Tried & Tested Indoor Toys

  1. Glow Art
  2. Wall Climbing Car
  3. Shashibo
  4. Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens
  5. Pindaloo
  6. Crazy Forts
  7. Wildlife Slideshow Flashlight
  8. Dodgetag
  9. Butterfly Pillowcase
  10. Infinity Loop Rings

1Glow Art, $21.99$21.99

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Brilliant artistic fun

Keep budding artists entertained for hours with this brilliant toy. The light-up drawing board comes with fluorescent markers and uses dozens of LED lights to make artwork really shine! Create original masterpieces or trace existing pictures with the see-through screen. Wipe clean with a dry cloth and start all over again. Endless artistic inspiration!

2Wall Climbing Car, $39.99$39.99

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Vroom vroom in the living room!

This awesome gravity-defying car turns the whole house into a racetrack. Steer with the remote control to send the little vehicle anywhere–across the floor, up the wall, and even over the ceiling! Want to keep driving after dark? Use the built-in headlights to guide the way and light up the path! Silly, speedy, and super fun!

3Shashibo, $19.99$19.99

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A real puzzler

Know a brainiac kid? This shape-shifting box will keep them engaged for hours! This psychedelic puzzle transforms into more than 70 different structures. Change it back into a tiny box at any point for easy transport–easily fits into a pocket or small bag! Combine multiple Shashibo puzzles to make even cooler, larger shapes. Endless IQ-challenging entertainment!

4Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens, $16.99$16.99

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Creative, colorful, cool

Looking for ways to get creative indoors? Illustrate, write, and make magical works of art with these extraordinary markers! This set of 25 durable, shock-proof magic marker pens opens a whole new world of creative possibilities. Write secret messages, change and erase colors, create amazing 3D letters, and so much more!

5Pindaloo, $19.99$19.99

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Stay in the loop

Build skills and coordination with this wildly entertaining indoor/outdoor ball game! Simply loop the ball from one side of the tube to the other… Easy peasy, right?! Trust us when we say it’s much more challenging than it sounds! Practice makes perfect, and soon the whole family will be mastering all kinds of crazy tricks!

6Crazy Forts, $56.99$56.99

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Wonderful world-building

Want to transform your living space? Kids will be able to build the fort of their dreams with this fantastic kit! Use the 25 geometrically precise plastic balls and 44 reinforced neon green sticks to build awe-inspiring structures: spaceships, castles, cottages, and more. Drape a blanket or bedsheet over the top, and voila! The perfect hideaway!

7Wildlife Slideshow Flashlight, $5.99$5.99

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A domestic safari

Nature lovers will adore this wildly fun projector flashlight! Beam pictures of animals from all over the world onto your walls and ceilings. Giraffes, elephants, alligators, and many more cool creatures! You can also use the projector as a normal flashlight, perfect for late-night reading or sneaky trips to the fridge!

8Dodgetag, $19.99$19.99

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Wicked indoor mischief

Incoming! This fresh spin on dodgeball uses velcro vests and soft balls, making it ideal for indoor play. Throw balls at your opponent’s vest and try to hit them in the circular target. If the ball sticks, it’s bad news for your opponent! The two vests can be adjusted for different sized players, so parents can also get involved! Duck!

9Butterfly Pillowcase, $17.99$17.99

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Bedtime with butterflies

Seeking a soothing, quiet indoor activity? This lovely activity pack comes with a cotton pillowcase featuring a magnificent outdoor scene. Color in the illustration with the included 10 bright washable markers. Then stick a pillow inside the case and show off your artwork! Want to color it again? Just run the pillowcase through the washing machine and start all over with a blank slate! Beautiful!

10Infinity Loop Rings, $12.99$12.99

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A kinetic marvel!

This magical steel coil is the latest craze! Slip it over your hands and let it flow across your arms–even pass it from your arm to a friend’s arm! The spring will cascade around most objects, and you can also do tricks, kind of like a Slinky! Mesmerizing, addictive fun that goes on and on and on…

Looking for more wicked indoor toys? Check out the full range on our website!

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