The Best Kindergarten Graduation Gifts


The little ones are making their first big move. Kindergarten to 1st grade is their first big educational move, and it deserves to be rewarded with the best kindergarten graduation gifts you can find.

Once you slap a number to a kid’s grade, it’ll only be the blink of an eye before they’re demanding a car and filling out college applications. A kindergarten graduation is one of the most significant watershed moments in any little kid’s life. Because next year? They’ll be playing with the BIG kids as FIRST GRADERS!

Make sure they’re ready in a fun, encouraging, educational way. Wicked Uncle, years from now, will certainly be credited with training a generation of little geniuses with our innovative and stimulating toys! Our President is married to a first grade teacher, so these come teacher approved, although not all of his life choices are!

  1. World Map Backpack
  2. The Book Monster
  3. Light Up Bubbleizer
  4. Foooty – Create Your Own Soccer Ball
  5. Crazy Forts
  6. Imagidice

1World Map Backpack, $17.49$17.49

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What a cool gift to show off all the fun stuff you learned over the summer AND be a style icon from the first day of school onward! Plus, it’ll take at least a little bit of pressure off of back to school shopping. Kids color in the map of the world and learn fun facts about exotic animals sea creatures, and world monuments at the same time!

2The Book Monster, $29.99$29.99

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If the prospect of first grade is scary, books may be a little scary, too, so this green monster is just the comfortable reassurance needed. Strong but friendly, and machine washable. Great to come home to your own pet monster.

3Light Up Bubbleizer, $11.99$11.99

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And, not to get too serious, but the Kindergarten graduate and prospective first grader could do with a gift that just says the fun is just beginning.

4Foooty – Create Your Own Soccer Ball, $22.99$22.99

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Kids three and up are capable of putting this miniature plastic soccer ball together, unfolding it, and taking it with them everywhere! The pieces can create a frisbee, juggling balls, or anything else you can think of. Bunny babes of all ages love the Foooty – it’s considered currency on most modern playgrounds. Perfect for spring time!

5Crazy Forts, $59.99$59.99

For rounding out our list of best kindergarten graduation gifts, this is one of our favorites. Using this kit with 25 geometrically precise plastic balls and 44 reinforced neon green sticks, you can build any NUMBER of structures to then decorate and play inside. Imagining and creating a fort exercises all kinds of brain matter, including visual-spatial skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Every young graduate deserves their own space, especially if they built it themselves!

6Imagidice, $11.99$11.99

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How do you keep those young imaginations running after graduation? It’s easy. You get 12 dice loaded with fanciful images. (That’s 72 images, if you were counting.) You roll them all, and see if you can come up with a story that connects the very first one, threads through all of them, and concludes at the last one. Great to keep active minds in shape for first grade!

Watching a kid graduate from kindergarten is a big deal and certainly a wonderful reason to feel pride! It can also be a source of nervousness for family, making sure grads are staying sharp and interested in school and learning. Like everything else in life, it’s a whole lot easier if you make it a game. Let Wicked Uncle turn science, history, English, geography, and more into a rollicking good time!

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