Best Outdoor Toys for Summer – Gifts That Say “Go Out and Play”


With summer upon us, it’s time to retreat from the Netflix cave and emerge into the sunshine. Now more than ever it’s important for kids to get outside and play safely. Wicked Uncle is here to help with a list of our favorite outdoor toys to get your kids out of the house this summer.

Our guide to the best outdoor presents to keep your kids busy this summer:

  1. Foooty
  2. Dodgetag
  3. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow
  4. The Amazing Stikball and Mitts
  5. Mini Hornit
  6. Flashflight Flying Frisbee
  7. Lawn Darts
  8. Metal Detector
  9. Fire Fighter’s Water Sprayer
  10. Waboba Sol Ball

1 Foooty ,  $16.99 $16.99

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Create Your Own Soccer Ball

Kids three and up are capable of putting this miniature plastic soccer ball together, unfolding it, and taking it with them everywhere! The pieces can create a frisbee, juggling balls, or anything else you can think of. Babes of all ages love the Foooty – it’s considered currency on most modern playgrounds. Perfect for springtime, and much easier on the toes than an actual soccer ball!

2 Dodgetag ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Hit the Target!

This game is ideal for two players – two siblings, say, who need a safe way to vent their natural aggression, or two pals who ought to put down those joysticks and get out into the yard! Strap the adjustable velcro vests on and split up the soft balls – then it’s an all-out arms race! Dodge, duck, throw, run, slide, and dive! Whoever gets all three balls stuck to their opponents vest is the victor! Safe for kids five and up.

3 Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow ,  $21.99 $21.99

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Shoot to Space!

Have you ever been so excited about warm weather you just HAD to stomp something? Throw in a glowing rocket, and this is your guy! Ideally sized for hands and feet as young as three, all you have to do is connect to the vinyl hose the blast pad, and LEAP onto it to launch the glow-in-the-dark rocket up to 100 feet into the big, wide universe. Fantastic gift for backyard contests, long summer nights, and birthday parties!

4 The Amazing Stikball & Mitts ,  $29.99 $29.99

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A squishy ball that splats & sticks to any surface!

The stikball is an amazing feat of science. Non-gooey and yet sticky? It’ll stick to any flat surface, AND it comes with two flat surface mitts! Perfect for little four year old hands just learning how to grip a baseball and aren’t yet for the hard stuff yet. Also, perfect for parents who like their windows whole and complete.

5 Mini Hornit ,  $29.99 $29.99

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For Bikes and Scooters!

This little guy is a sweet and safe addition to any bike. Sun’s gone down, so it’s time to come inside, right? WRONG! The mini hornit keeps the fun going after dark. It’s got 25 fun sounds including a dixie horn, motorbike, UFO, police car, a lion’s roar and even an old-fashioned bike bell! The sounds have 3 different volumes, plus it has white and green light to guide your nocturnal journeys. If you’re old enough to ride a bike, you’re old enough for the mini hornit!

6 Flashflight Flying Frisbee ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Light Up Flying Disc

Frisbee is a time-honored American classic – it’s about time it got jazzed up with blinking lights! The fiber-optic design brings the LED light all the way to the edges, so the whole disc is illuminated for nighttime play, and the durable material allows the frisbee to fly longer and straighter, lit up for 20 whole hours. Say goodbye to slicing your palms on rough edges, too – this frisbee is basically the whole package. Ideal for kids five and up.

7 Lawn Darts ,  $26.99 $26.99

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Glow in the Dark!

This brilliant lawn darts sets has four colorful darts to toss into the two target rings. Be the first to reach 21 by getting them in the targets! They even glow in the dark and come in a handy carry bag so you can take them to friends and family parties!

8 Metal Detector ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Detects up to 6″ Depth!

If you’ve all but spent your winter squirrel fund, don’t fret. This metal detector will send you on your way to discovering buried treasure with which to purchase ice cream. The LED lights flash and the beeper beeps in different tones for various types of metals. With adjustable height, it’s perfect for any sized kid (preferably eight or older) and comes equipped with everything you need to validate your suspicions that you are, in fact, sitting on a gold mine. The LED lights flash and the beeper beeps in different tones for various types of metals.

9 Firefighter’s Water Sprayer ,  $21.99 $21.99

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Shoots 20 feet with one pump!

Want to do a little cool roleplaying, and have an absolute watery blast at the same time? The fire fighter’s super water sprayer fills up with water, straps on your back, and packs a wet punch. Up to 20 feet of spray power with a single pump for fighting all the fake fires you can dream up in a day.

Waboba Sol Ball ,  $10.99 $10.99

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Cool Water Tricks

And finally the Waboba Sol Ball. It changes colors in the sun, it bounces MULTIPLE TIMES on water on a single throw, and it’s a gateway ball! Once a kid gets a taste for playing catch, they’ll be outside forever. Take it to the pool, the beach, or the backyard. The Sol ball is fun everywhere!

Get out and play!

Going outside doesn’t have to mean rubbing two sticks together. Get to sweatin’! Aaaaaaand emerging from winter hibernation, Wicked Uncle’s elusive comedy king presents…

Q: Does February like March? A: No, but April May

Q: Why did Cinderella get kicked off the baseball team? A: She always ran away from the ball.

Q: How excited was the gardener about spring? A: So excited he wet his plants.



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