10 Awesome Stocking Stuffers Kids Will Be Obsessed With In 2021


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The tree is decorated, and the big gifts are all wrapped. Everything’s ready…  But, wait, what about the stockings?! Stocking stuffers might be small, but they’re kind of a big deal. After all, they’re usually the first presents that kids open on Christmas morning! Luckily, the Wicked Uncle elves are here to help you start your Christmas on the right foot with these super cool, stocking-friendly gift ideas!

Top 10 Tried & Tested Stocking Stuffers

  1. Glow Art
  2. Stinky Pig Game
  3. Holiday Popper Festive Ball Shooter
  4. Patterned Arm Warmers
  5. Infinity Loop Flow Rings
  6. Mini Hornit
  7. 50 Amazing Magic Tricks
  8. Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens
  9. Galaxy’s Smallest Voice Changer
  10. Waboba Wingman

1Glow Art, $24.99$24.99

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A brilliant way to light up the mantel!

A fantastic choice for doodlers, daydreamers, and budding artists! This unique drawing board features dozens of colored LEDs. Doodle away and then light up your artwork with a neon effect! The board comes with fluorescent markers and wipes clean with a dry cloth so the fun can go on and on. An absolutely brilliant stocking stuffer!

2Stinky Pig Game, $12.99$12.99

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A stinky twist on a classic game!

A hilarious alternative to hot potato–because nobody wants to find a root vegetable in their stocking! Push Stinky Pig’s belly and he’ll start singing Pop Goes the Weasel. Roll the dice to see which way to pass him. Better move quickly! If you’re the unlucky family member who’s holding him when he farts, you must take a token. When the game ends, the player with the fewest tokens wins!

3Holiday Popper Festival Ball Shooter, $12.99$12.99

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You would even say it glows…

A wacky, totally unique stocking stuffer for pranksters and class clowns! This silly reindeer shoots soft projectile balls from his nose. Squeeze his stomach to fire–the harder you squeeze, the farther the ball will fly. Get this gift and soon enough, the whole family will be singing along to the Christmas classic: Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, “Take cover!”

4Patterned Arm Warmers, $19.99$19.99

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Keep warm, look cool!

Christmas stockings are certainly festive, but they’re not exactly the most fashionable-looking socks in the world! Luckily, these funky arm warmers are trendy enough to impress even the coolest young fashionista. They’re made from 88% cotton for ultimate comfort, and they feature wild colors, fun designs, and cute patterns. This winter, keep warm and look cool!

5Infinity Loop Flow Rings, $12.99$12.99

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Never-ending fun

The stocking stuffer that keeps on giving! Slip this kinetic steel spring over your hands and allow it to flow across your arms. Do tricks, pass it to a friend, let it cascade around almost any object. Similar to a slinky (but so much cooler), the interlocking rings fold flat and pop open again. Some springy winter fun!

6Mini Hornit, $19.99$19.99

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Beep beep!

Is Santa bringing someone a bike or scooter this year? Well, this zany horn is the perfect accessory! It features lights and 25 different sound effects, including motorbike, UFO, and lion’s roar. For traditionalists, it also features a good old-fashioned bike bell sound. Includes an optional remote trigger for handlebars, if your little rider isn’t yet brave enough to shout, “Look, Mom, no hands!”

750 Amazing Magic Tricks, $19.99$19.99

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Stuff their stocking with magic!

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is old news. This year, it’s all about pulling magic tricks from a stocking! Impress family and friends this Christmas with a set of 50 unbelievable magic tricks. It’s got everything: mind-reading, money magic, card tricks, and even levitation! This kit comes with a hardback book full of step-by-step instructions, and magic props to help you do tricks that will blow everyone away!

8Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens, $24.99$24.99

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Give them a colorful Christmas morning!

Creative kids love creative gifts, and this set of magic markers will definitely do the trick! This amazing set includes 25 pens that change colors, write in invisible ink, and more. Make amazing 3D letters and write secret messages! The possibilities are truly endless. And the fun can last well into the new year because these pens are durable, with shock-proof tips.

9Galaxy’s Smallest Voice Changer, $13.99$13.99

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Small toy, big fun!

We all want to shout it from the rooftops: Christmas is here! Now there’s no need to shout or climb onto the rooftop thanks to this stocking-sized mini megaphone. Hold the megaphone to your mouth and let it all out! This tiny toy will amplify and distort your voice. Four different voice effects for four times the fun!

10Waboba Wingman, $5.99$5.99

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Hanging stocking, flying disc!

A fantastic stocking filler for the active kid! This silicone disc folds up to fit easily into a stocking–or a pocket! And it instantly pops right back into shape! This 6” disc flies up to 40 yards. Its soft, pliable material makes it easy and painless to catch. A great way to add some sporty fun to your Christmas day…

Check out our website for many more brilliant stocking stuffers!

What did the snowman say to the other snowman? Do you smell carrots?



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