Cat Toys for Kids – 7 Clawsome Gift Ideas


Nothing is guaranteed to get more likes on the internet than silly cat videos, and for a very good reason — they are stinkin’ ADORABLE. Everyone I know, from toddlers to teenagers to twenty-somethings, loves a good cat video. Or a kitty cuddle. Or a feline fun fest. It’s a pretty solid affection to encourage in children, and we can help with our litter of the best cat toys for kids.

The ancient Egyptians knew there was something special about cats. Junior cat lovers are just following in a long, grand tradition of exalting these furry felines. To celebrate the correct decision-making of child cat-enthusiasts, Wicked Uncle’s curated a purrfect list of our favorite cat-themed toys!

Our Favorite Cat Toys for Kids:

  1. Catwalk – Six Odd Socks!
  2. Cat-Opoly – Classic Board Game
  3. 100 Pawsome Cat Jokes
  4. Cats & Boxes
  5. Multi Activities Cat Baby Walker
  6. Like Herding Cats Game

1 Catwalk – Six Odd Socks! ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Mismatched odd socks!

This pawsome odd sock set is the purrfect choice for any cat lover! With 12 different socks in US size 6.5–10.5, the feline faces can be mixed and matched for lots of cute combinations. A fun yet practical gift. Now have a stroll down the catwalk and feel like the cat’s whiskers!

2 Cat-Opoly ,  $29.99 $29.99

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A Purrfectly Classic Game!

The same concept of Monolopy but with cats! Travel around the board and learn different breeds from Siamese to Persian, each cat card is filled with fun feline facts! This is the purrfect gift for crazy cat boys and girls!

3 100 Pawsome Cat Jokes ,  $8.99 $8.99

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Hilarious cat jokes

This fun set of 100 hilarious cat jokes are perfect for any party of fun family night. You will find gems such as “Where does a cat go when it loses its tail? To the Re-tail store!” and “How do Cats shop? They use catalogs!” You will laugh or cringe with these fantastic and totally paw-some jokes! Packaged in a fun cat shaped box, this is the perfect gift for any cat lover looking for a laugh!

4 Cats & Boxes ,  $24.99 $24.99

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A fun logic puzzle game!

Put your logic skills to the test with this purrfect puzzle game. With 60 challenges featuring different difficulty levels, this 5.5″ gameboard even includes a lid so you can puzzle on the go!

5 Multi Activities Cat Baby Walker ,  $79.99 $79.99

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Learn to walk & play!

This fun feline themed baby walker which features an array of colourful and stimulating toys which perfect for your little ones development! It features an adjustable handle perfect for toddlers of any height plus 8 fun activities to keep them entertained!

6 Like Herding Cats Game ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Hilarious Acting Game

Like Herding Cats is a meow-nificent gift for cat lovers! This hilarious acting game lets players embody mischievous felines in absurd scenarios. It’s guaranteed to bring laughter and fun to any gathering. Get ready for a purr-fectly entertaining time!

Well, that’s all for meow. We’ll cat-ch you later! Let us know how you’re feel-ine about this selection of the best toys for kids who love cats — you’re our favorite purrchasers, after all!

Anyway, that was quite enough. Gotta go kick a coffee cup over onto a laptop now.

A few cat jokes:

Q: What do cats like to eat on a hot day?

A: A mice-cream cone!

Q: How do two cats end a fight?

A: They hiss and make up!

Q: Why was the cat afraid of the tree?

A: Because of its bark!

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