Brilliant Planet and Space Toys For Kids


All kids love learning about outer space! What could be cooler than imagining travelling in outer space, amongst the stars and the planets. And because kids learn best through play, space-themed toys are a brilliant way to encourage their interest. Do you know a little future astronaut or rocket scientist? With the help of our expert panel of children, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite space gifts for younger kids so you can choose an out of this world present. So here it is, our ultimate list of brilliant planet and space toys!

Best Planet and Space Toys for kids:

  1. Space Flashlight and Projector
  2. Talking Space Explorer – Look, Listen, Learn
  3. Rocket Circuit Explorer
  4. Magnetic Wooden Rocket for Little Astronauts
  5. Solar System String Lights – LED Planets
  6. Asteroid Escape – 60 fun logic challenges
  7. Solar System Puzzle with Planets
  8. Little Astronauts – Mixed-Up Planets
  9. Solar System Crystal Light – 3D Effect

1 Space Flashlight & Projector ,  $15.99 $15.99

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Blast-off to brilliant bedtime fun

With this fabulous little flashlight, four-year-olds can project images of space onto the walls and ceilings. The flashlight was designed for small hands, and it comes with three slides containing a total of 24 high-quality colored photographs of Mars, Jupiter, the Space Shuttle, and more. Easy entertainment for pajama parties and sleepovers, or just a little bit of bedtime fun. When you’re done traveling through space, you can remove the slides and use it as a normal flashlight, perfect for keeping on the nightstand if your child is afraid of the dark. Genius!

2 Talking Space Explorer – 130 Images & Videos ,  $99.99 $99.99

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Incredible pretend play fun!

This high-tech telescope features over 130 incredible images and videos from NASA for an immersive, star-gazing adventure. Including 200 fun facts and quiz questions for the ultimate show-and-tell experience all voiced by the rocket scientist Emily Calandrelli. The high-definition LCD screen shows images of planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies and more, simply stunning! Ideal for young astronomers to explore early space science – out of this world!

3 Rocket Circuit Explorer ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Light Up Rocket!

The Rocket Circuit Explorer makes a brilliant planet and space toy for kids because it combines fun with educational value. With its interactive features, such as light-up components and circuit building, it not only sparks children’s imagination about space exploration but also introduces them to basic STEM concepts in a hands-on way. Plus, it encourages creativity and problem-solving skills as they design and customize their own rocket circuits. Overall, it’s an engaging and educational toy that ignites curiosity about the cosmos in young minds!

4 Magnetic Wooden Rocket ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Bright and colorful 6″ tall wooden stacking toy with magnets.

This tactile magnetic rocket has five separate pieces which stack up – each wooden piece has a built-in magnet to make assembly easy and fun. Can be taken apart and built again and again, with a spinning propeller at the bottom of the rocket. Children can have role play fun too as all the pieces stay together when playing with the rocket. Even comes with a happy little astronaut hidden inside! Perfect for little astronauts aged 2+.

5 Solar System String Lights – LED Planets ,  $29.99 $29.99

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A stylish set of lights…

Looking for some space-themed bedroom decor? Look no further! This awesome string of planet lights looks super cool in any kid’s bedroom. String them up over the bed or desk, and, boom, you’re instantly in outer space! These battery-powered LED lights are also educational — you can quiz your little one on the names of the planets or share some fun planet trivia before bed. Best of all, they’re battery-powered, so they can be hung anywhere. You can even take them with you when you travel to bring a piece of home wherever you go!

6 Asteroid Escape – 60 Fun Logic Challenges ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Space themed single player logic puzzle game with four levels of difficulty.

This tricky board puzzle has 60 different challenges, ranging from Easy to Expert. Choose a challenge and set up the board with the spaceship and asteroids as shown in the booklet. Then slide the 3D pieces to help your spaceship escape through the asteroid field, without overlapping. From Smart Games, suitable from 8 to adult and a great travel game. Whose genius is out of this world?

7 Solar System Puzzle ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Learn about our solar system with this puzzle, complete with separate planets and poster.

This colorful giant puzzle of the solar system measures 22 inches across, made of 100 large pieces. When completed, place the solid-wood planet pieces in their right places, following the double-sided poster which shows all the planet names. Then add the glowing LED sun to demonstrate how the sun brings light to all the planets around it. Fascinating, fun and educational – out of this world!

8 Little Astronauts – Mixed-Up Planets ,  $14.99 $14.99

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Fun card game for 2 to 5 players – gather planets to complete your solar system the quickest.

Fast-paced and fantastic fun, this cute card game for 2 to 5 players is all about outer space. Take it in turns to pick up and discard planet cards as you race to complete your own solar system – all the way from Mercury to Neptune. Will you be the first to gather all eight planets, or will you be left in a muddle with a mixed-up galaxy? With interesting planetary facts and fun wild cards too, this early-learning card game is simply stellar.

9 Solar System Crystal Light – 3D Effect ,  $59.99 $59.99

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Superb quality, stylish light with a detailed 3D engraving of our solar system.

Let the light shine with this luxury crystal ball light featuring a 3D laser-engraved space design. Simply touch the copper button to cycle through 3 brightness levels. The built-in light shines through the 3 inch polished glass orb and the labelled engraving glows just like magic. The walnut base is fitted with a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 16 hours of light on a single charge. A perfect way to add some extra magic to your room. Stellar!

Fun Facts about Space:

  1. You could fit a million Earths into the sun! That’s how huge the sun is!
  2. A dog has gone to the moon.
  3. Space is completely silent.
  4. It would take nine years to walk to the moon.

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