Cool Places to Have Kids Birthday Parties


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Few things are more exciting to a kid than attending a birthday party, especially if it’s their own! Every parent wants their kid to have an awesome time celebrating their birthday. But deciding where to host the party can be a challenge.

If you’re stuck for birthday party venue inspiration, we have loads of great ideas. Keep reading to discover cool places to have kids birthday parties and make it a celebration they will never forget.

child pottery painting

Birthday Party Ideas for Creative Kids

If you have a kid who loves to be creative, why not indulge their love of all things arty and host a themed party to match?  

There are a few locations to choose from for your creative kids party. Firstly, you could contact your local ceramics studio to see if you can hire their space. They may already offer a party hire option, in which case your job just got even easier! The kids will love painting their own pots and ceramics to take home to show their parents.

Another cool and creative place to host a kids party is at a bakery. Some bakeries and cafés allow bookings for kids birthday parties along with fun activities such as decorating cupcakes and frosting cookies. Kids are guaranteed to love this creative and delicious party idea.

The added bonus of an arty party is that the kids get to take home their creations as a souvenir of a fun day.

pool party

Cool Places to Have Birthday Parties for Active Kids

If you have a kid who’s always on the go, then an active party is a great way to channel some of that excitable birthday energy.

If you want to plan a birthday celebration that can go ahead whatever the weather, a party at an indoor playground is a perfect choice. Kids will be able to run, jump, bounce, and have fun, all in a kid-safe environment. Just be sure to book the indoor playground pretty far in advance to avoid disappointment, as they can be very busy places.

Help your child’s birthday celebrations go with a splash by organizing a pool party. Kids will love having fun in the water with all their buddies. If you pick this option, it’s best to choose a pool with a lifeguard on duty and to ensure all the guests are confident in the water.

party in park

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

Want to plan a party out in the fresh air? An outdoor birthday party gives kids plenty of space to run around. Plus, outdoor birthday parties can be pretty cheap to organize. A park is one of the top cool places to have kids birthday parties. You can arrange lots of games for the kids to play to keep them entertained, bring your own food to serve your guests, and make it a laid-back celebration with a focus on fun.

Do you live by the coast? If so, a beach party is a great place to host an older kids birthday celebration. After all, everyone loves a beach party! Simply send out the invites, pack a picnic, and grab your swimsuits and you’ll be ready for a party that makes some serious waves.

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