Cool Science Christmas Gifts


Cool science gifts for kids
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In search of some cool science Christmas gifts for the brainy kid in your life? We’ve got you covered! With our expert panel of young scientists, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of STEM toys and experiment kits. From magnets and gross experiments to fun kitchen lab sets, here are our top picks!

The Best Science Gifts for Christmas:

  1. My First Microscope – For Little Hands
  2. Explosive Science Kaboom – 14 Experiments
  3. Natural Disasters in a Box
  4. The Science & Inventions Creativity Book
  5. That’s Gross – Science Lab
  6. Edible Chemistry Kit
  7. Candy Chemistry – 25 Sweet Experiments
  8. Metal Detector
  9. Root Beer – Brew Your Own Science Set
  10. The Human Body Science Kit

1 My First Microscope – For Little Hands ,  $29.99 $29.99

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A science gift for clever kids

This brilliant microscope is designed especially for little hands! With 8x magnification and all images cleverly appear left-right correct for easy understanding. Install a love of science and explore the fascinating hidden mini-world all around us.

2 Explosive Science Kaboom ,  $26.99 $26.99

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Awesome explosive action!

Any budding scientist will love this kit filled with exciting explosive experiments! This hands-on science set contains everything you need for 14 amazing experiments, such as building rockets, fizzing effervescent bombs or how to pierce a balloon without making it explode. With an easy-to-follow full-color manual, this kit will be a hit with any experimentally-minded kid.

3 Natural Disasters in a Box ,  $23.99 $23.99

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Let it snow!

Explore the wonders of nature with this awesome science set. This box contains everything children need to create three incredible nature simulations. Make a blizzard, a tornado, and an amazing erupting volcano, all from the safety of the kitchen table. Contains snow powder, a vortex tube, and a full volcano-building kit. Mind-blowing!

4 The Science & Inventions Creativity Book ,  $12.99 $12.99

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Art and creativity meet science…

This creativity book is the gift that keeps on giving! Science-loving children will have hours of fun completing science-themed activities, coloring pages, puzzles, games, and more. The book even comes with loads of stickers, circuit-board-themed craft paper, and a pull-out stencil sheet. Portable science fun–great for keeping kids entertained while traveling this festive season!

5 That’s Gross – Science Lab ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Yucky, funny and educational!

This wildly entertaining science lab set comes with 26 outrageous experiments, including Popping Poo and Electric Sludge. Use the disgustingly cool motorized toilet bowl mixer to blend ingredients from your kitchen and make chemical reactions happen with the press of a button. The set comes with a full-color 24-page book brimming with instructions and fascinating chemistry facts. Gross fun under the tree!

6 Edible Chemistry Kit ,  $23.99 $23.99

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A satisfying gift for hungry minds

Looking for a cool science gift for a future chef? This unassuming box is brimming with sixteen amazing edible experiments. Follow the easy instructions to transform your kitchen into a lab and make foaming jelly, polymer pudding, and fizzy drinks. Fill your tummy and expand your mind… Wicked fun!

7 Candy Chemistry – 25 Sweet Experiments ,  $42.99 $42.99

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For the sweetest scientists

Learn about chemistry while creating yummy candies and chocolates – this kit is sure to go down well with any little scientist! The set includes 25 delicious sweet experiments to explore the science related to making candy. Make rock candy and mold chocolates, exploring heat while boiling sugar. Find out about the chemistry of cooking by making gummy bears, and learn all about triboluminescence with wintergreen candies. Science has never been so sweet!

8 Metal Detector ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Whether your looking for fossils or treasure, a metal detector is a must have on your child’s Christmas list this year! This fantastic metal detector has a waterproof base, perfect for checking shorelines or muddy forests and allows you to search for treasure up to 6″ deep!

9 Root Beer – Brew Your Own Science Set ,  $23.99 $23.99

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This fantastic kit has all the natural ingredients you need to brew your very own root beer at home. Make up to two gallons of delicious, old fashioned, naturally carbonated root beer in soda bottles found in your kitchen – simple! Easy, fun and educational – make a true home brew!

10 The Human Body Science Kit ,  $39.99 $39.99

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26 Fun Experiments!

Unbox and discover all bout the human body by doing experiments with your five senses that show you how your body works! Test lung capacity or build a stethoscope, listen to your own heartbeat and learn how blood pumps around your body! This is a truly fun and fascinating kit!

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