Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Wicked Clues


Are you looking for ways to make your Easter egg-stra special this year? If so, why not host an Easter scavenger hunt for the kids? While Easter egg hunts are great fun for little ones, a scavenger hunt is a perfect choice for older children.

Older kids may pretend they are too cool for egg hunts, but a scavenger hunt with clues is guaranteed to get their attention. Solving clues before rushing off to find the next one is a great way to keep the excitement for Easter games alive for a few more years. So how about challenging your kids to follow clues to find their Easter gift?

Simply decorate your home for Easter as you usually would, and then hide some clues inside and outdoors. Don’t forget to hide their Easter basket stuffed with gifts as a prize at the end. Everyone’s sure to be a happy bunny with this fun Easter activity!

If the thought of thinking up clues does not fill you with egg-citement, don’t worry. We have scrambled our brains to think of all the best Easter scavenger hunt clues, so you don’t have to. We even have a joke to crack the kids up before they get started:

What is the Easter bunny’s favorite type of music?

Hip hop!

kid hunting for clues

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

It’s time to gather the kids and put their problem-solving skills to the test with the help of these Easter egg scavenger hunt clues:

Clue 1: Are you ready to start hunting for your special Easter treat? You will find your first clue where you wipe your feet.

Answer: Under the doormat

Clue 2: Now, it’s time to step into the yard, but watch where you’re walking; this clue is hard.

Answer: Doorstep

Clue 3: Your next clue is hiding on something with two wheels for riding.

Answer: Bike

Clue 4: I have a trunk, but I’m no elephant, and I have bark, but I’m not a dog. I have a clue pinned on me; I am a ….

Answer: Tree

Clue 5: Butterflies love me and hover around me for hours. That’s right; this clue is hidden among the …….

Answer: Flowers

Kids hunting for clues

Clue 6: Head indoors next; your clue is hiding among pages and text.

Answer: Bookshelf

Clue 7: You feed me stinky socks and underwear. Look inside me if you dare!

Answer: Laundry basket

Clue 8: From Monday through Friday, you carry me on your back. That’s right, this clue is hiding in your ……..

Answer: Backpack

Clue 9: Run upstairs and take a peep; you will find me in the place you sleep.

Answer: In the bed

Clue 10: I’m a real cool dude, I’m the place where you store your chilled food.

Answer: Fridge

Clue 11: You use me in the morning and at night, I am minty and fresh and make your smile bright.

Answer: Toothpaste

Clue 12: You’ve done so well; it’s time to claim your special treat; you will find me in the place you sit to eat.

Answer: Dining table.

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