FEEFO – Wicked Uncle Reviews You Can Trust


At Wicked Uncle, we know how important it is that you can read honest opinions from our past customers. That’s where FEEFO comes in: an independent service that sends every customer a review request and publishes every review that they receive back, good, bad or ugly.

Wicked Uncle was started by a would-be cool uncle over 14 years ago in the UK to help people like him identify and then deliver fun gifts and toys to the small people in their lives.

We are committed to checking out the best that is available, making sure you get great value and great service.

But even after shipping over 1 million top, carefully chosen toys, many of them beautifully gift wrapped, we know chances are the first time you heard of us was when you landed on our website just a minute ago.

And so a few years ago in the UK and more recently in the US, we realized the best thing we could do is have you hear from those customers. Was the toy actually as good as we promised ? Did it arrive on time, beautifully giftwrapped ? Was our service everything they had hoped ?

REVIEWS ARE ESSENTIAL. But you are skeptical of reviews- and rightly so. They could be made up by the company. Or, as is more often the case, selected by the company. A customer volunteers something nice- add it to the site. Something not so nice- even the best company would be tempted to try to make it right, but bury it.

That is where FEEFO comes in. Feefo is an independent service that sends EVERY customer a review request and publishes EVERY review that they receive back, good, bad or ugly. Not everyone who buys from Wicked Uncle chooses to respond, but, you can see many do. And whether they say they love us or hate us, the reviews are all INDEPENDENT, AUTHENTICATED and most important, SOLICITED BY THE THIRD PARTY FROM EVERY CUSTOMER EQUALLY.

Which means the Feefo reviews are not like Yelp reviews or Facebook reviews or Google reviews. There is no possibility to have friends or family reviews.

Which means that we are showing you the report card as we are seeing it too. And since we know you’re going to see it before you choose to buy from us – and get your guaranteed chance to tell others what you think of us, we have yet another reason to get our service right.

Do we make mistakes ? Do our partners – the American toy companies that supply us or UPS that delivers for us ? Do we try to fix them ? You bet. But don’t take our word- take a look at our FEEFO independently administered and authenticated review feed.



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