Fun Activities for Wicked Cool Aunts and Uncles to earn the “Wickedest” title—and a chance to WIN!


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Thanks, Aunt Clara.

There’s a popular trope throughout TVs and movies — the agony Aunt (or Uncle.) These are the worst. They’re the cheek pinchers, the chronically misinformed, the politically delusional, the eccentric, the bunny-onesie-givers. But there’s no need to be so out of touch! Here’s our list of wicked (wicked = cool) activities that’ll make you the ABSOLUTE “wickedest” Aunt or Uncle:

  1. Zoo
  2. Camp out overnight
  3. Movie marathon
  4. Carnival day
  5. Scavenger hike
  6. Craft day
  7. Game night
  8. Story time

1Zoo, $undefined

Little known fact about zoos — most of them are FREE! Or charge a nominal fee. They also almost always have petting zoos, ice cream, and maps you can download online before a day trip so that you can map the most efficient route through the zoo and thus avoid fatigued, sunburned, and aching children. Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t love fun facts about animals? PRO TIP: Eat before, during, and after the zoo. Do not return these children to their parents hungry. It may prove to be your final zoo trip.

2Camp out overnight, $undefined

I’m a huge fan of this option. It couldn’t be easier! Especially in your own backyard. First of all, tents are wildly inexpensive. Second of all, you look VERY cool when you know how to do technical things like connecting poles strung with fabric. (Maybe look it up first.) Third of all, once you’re in the tent, the possibilities are endless. Ghost stories, marshmallow roasting, Aunt/Uncle roasting, passing on time-honored competitive card games, reading epic adventure stories, mad libs, tent-yoga (I just made that one up, but it can’t be anything other than riotous.) Easy set-up, all-night giggles, pancake breakfast in the morning. Boom.
For added fun, add Night goggles.

3Movie marathon, $undefined

I don’t know about you, but I remember exactly who showed me my favorite movies of all time. Sometimes I even remember what kind of candy I ate during the movie. That’s just me, I’m candy centric. But this is a criminally easy activity to plan. Here’s what you need: a BIG TV, between two-and-three absolute zingers, and more snacks than can possibly be eaten (popcorn, candy, sodas, ice cream — all great choices. However, my mother was a big fan of toasted bagels with melted cheese for movie marathons, and the tradition has stayed with me.) Stuck for choices? Check out this blog for the definitive ranking of animated kids movies. 

4Carnival day, $undefined

If you told me your county doesn’t have a spring/summer/fall carnival on, I’d never believe you. The greatest thing about carnivals is there’s something that appeals to every kid. The adventurous get rollercoasters, the material-motivated get prize games, the foodies get turkey legs and funnel cakes, the relentlessly social get an energy outlet, and everyone leaves exhausted. My advice? Don’t leave without a photo booth picture. That way, they’ll always remember what a good time you facilitated for them.

5Scavenger hike, $undefined

Can’t find a good scavenger hunt? Folderol! It’s but a search engine click away. Depending on how intrepid the subjects are, the local flora and fauna, the weather, the season, and of course, how easily exhausted the kiddies in question are, you can certainly find a viable scavenger hunt. Take a day at the state park! Or try an urban scavenger hunt, finding fire hydrants and mini marts. If I were you, I’d bring a slew of historical and architectural trivia bits with you so they can return to their parents cleverer and more informed about their space than when they left. Makes you stand out among other Aunt/Uncle contestants. For added fun here add a metal detector, and then hide some treasure.

6Craft day, $undefined

This is my old stand-by. There’s always an appropriate craft for the season. Whether it’s building your own snowglobes to give away to their classmates in December, or making lace doilies for a springtime tea party, or building figurines out of moldable drying dough for their next Dungeons and Dragons campaign, there’s a craft to suit just about any interest. They’re inexpensive, hands-on, creative, promote idle chitchat (the best way to squeeze secrets out of youngins), and can only end one of two ways: 

1. Wow, what a TALENT you have! Does your mother know you can do this so well?
2. Huh! Guess neither of us are very good at lace-work. We’ll have to try something different next time! (There, you’ve got a second date.)

If you need inspiration or a great craft kits on Wicked Uncle.

7Game night, $undefined

Here’s another old standby that never fails. We all know aunts and uncles have the best collection of board games—just reach up to the top shelf in that musty closet in the hallway and pull down any number of classics: Twister, Trouble, Clue… but stay away from Monopoly unless you want to clean game pieces and fake money off the floor all night. Aunts and uncles sometimes don’t take losing well.

Click here if you need ideas for games or if you want to restock some old classics. Or if you like cleaning up pieces for some reason, try Suspend.

8Story time, $undefined

This activity requires no special tools, and you don’t even have to go anywhere. And it’s been proven that Aunts and Uncles are great at making things up; mine certainly were, as I am now. You can be a wicked uncle or aunt and tell a fairy tale starring all of the listeners. Or you can be a really wicked uncle or aunt and throw together a horror tale that will send them home to mom and dad scared stiff. Either way, it’s a great activity for flexing young imagination muscles. If not always popular with mom and dad.

If you need a little inspiration for story time, check out our Story Cubes.

Now, my nieces and nephews call me “dingus,” which they assured me means “coolest Aunt this side of the Mississippi,” but I’m sure we can find a reasonable middle ground. We can’t all be “dinguses.” Of course, the best way to be the Wickedest Aunt or Uncle is to be attentive and caring. And, speaking of attentive, you KNOW, of course, July hosts National Aunt and Uncle’s Day.

But sometimes, we just don’t have time for that! Knock your next playdate out of the park with any of the above suggestions — guaranteed.

Since we are talking about superlatives, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention we’re hosting a contest. We’re calling it:

The Annual Wicked Uncle (or Aunt) Challenge

Here’s the pitch: Send in the best story about something you’ve done with a nephew/niece that nailed your cool factor. Stories can be up to 300 words. 

Winner gets $75 gift coupon to spend as you wish on your  nephew/niece or someone else’s, if yours don’t deserve it.

Double that coupon if you send your story in as a limerick!

Plus you get your very own, printable Wicked Uncle Summer Fun Award 2019 — in case anyone doesn’t believe you.

Keep your eyes peeled! When we’ve chosen a winner, we’ll post their story — along with our top 5 best sellers so far in 2019. You know, to help you decide how to spend your hard-earned prize money!

Deadline: 8/2/2019 – Send submissions to



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