Gifts For A Kid’s Best Friend


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Looking for some awesome gifts for a kid’s best friend? Our Wicked Uncle Elves have put together the ultimate list of gift ideas for their birthday. From board games and art supplies to sporty activities, here are the coolest presents to give friends this year!

Top Tried & Tested Gifts

  1. Dragon Glider
  2. Stinky Pig
  3. Glow Art
  4. Beat That
  5. Mini Hornit
  6. Glowstriker
  7. Charades for Kids
  8. Amazing Magic Pens
  9. Dodgetag
  10. Pindaloo

1Dragon Glider, $23.99$23.99

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High-flying fun

For a fun new take on a classic kite, try this awesome dragon glider, which comfortably flies up to 80 feet. Assemble the dragon in just two easy steps, launch him with a simple flick of the wrist, and then watch him soar over the neighborhood and through the skies. The glider is lightweight yet durable, bouncing back from crash landings over and over again.

2Stinky Pig, $12.99$12.99

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A great game for jokesters

Funny friends and class clowns will love this hilarious twist on Hot Potato. Push Stinky’s tummy to make him sing, then roll the dice to see which way you should pass him — but be quick! If you’re the unlucky one caught holding Stinky when he farts, you must take a token. The player with the fewest tokens at the end of the game wins. Sure to put a smile on their face!

3Glow Art, $21.99$21.99

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A glowing achievement!

Is your kid’s best friend a creative genius? They’ll have hours of fun with this brilliant light-up drawing board. Create original masterpieces or trace your favorite pictures with the see-through screen. Switch the frame on and watch your artwork illuminate in 36 different ways and colors. Wipe clean with a dry cloth to start all over again. Endless imaginative entertainment!

4Beat That, $32.99$32.99

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A battle of wacky challenges

This completely bonkers game makes a fantastic best friend gift — and your kid will want to join in on the fun! Players collect points by betting on their ability to complete various ridiculous challenges using common household objects. Friends or family members must bounce, stack, hop, balance, and roll their way to victory. With 160 different challenges, there’s a whole lot of fun and mischief packed into this box!

5Mini Hornit, $24.99$24.99

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The coolest horn on the block

Is your child’s best friend always riding around town on a bike or scooter? Help them take it up a notch with the Mini Hornit! This durable, waterproof horn attaches to any bike or scooter handlebars and is loaded with 25 fun sounds, including a fire engine, laser, magic carpet and lion’s roar. It also features green and white lights, with flashing or constant settings, helping visibility. The ultimate biking accessory!

6Glowstriker, $39.99$39.99

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Hovering Target Game

This shooting skill game makes a great gift for a competitive BFF. How do you play? Just place the styrofoam balls onto the base, switch it on, and watch as an air current makes the balls float. Load the shooter with soft foam darts and take aim! You can adjust the height of the balls for added difficulty, and you can also play the game at night — the target balls glow in the dark! Brilliant!

7Charades for Kids, $14.99$14.99

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Guess what I am!

This simplified, kid-friendly version of the classic party games features 450 different charades, from Hula Hoop and Cell Phone to Hanging a Picture. Just pick a card, flip the timer, and start acting. A wonderful gift — everyone loves charades! 

8Amazing Magic Pens, $22.99$22.99

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Write magic messages

Budding artists, this one is for you! This amazing set of 25 markers allow you to change and erase colors, write secret messages, and even create stunning 3D letters. Ideal for friends who love passing notes, writing in journals, or drawing elaborate masterpieces. With durable, shock-proof tips, these markers will become the gift that keeps on giving!

9Dodgetag, $19.99$19.99

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Velcro + Dodgeball = Tons of fun

For rough and tumble friends, check out this wild twist on dodgeball! Players throw the soft balls at their opponent’s velcro vest, trying to hit them in the circular target. If they don’t stick, then be quick and try again! The two vests are adjustable, so they should fit most kids. Watch out–ball incoming!

10Pindaloo, $22.99$22.99

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Get in the loop and bring your friends!

Pindaloo has become a new classic for good reason — it’s oh-so-simple and yet completely addictive. Just loop the ball from one side of the tube to the other. Easy, right? Actually, it’s much harder than it sounds. But with a little practice, you’ll be looping and adding in all kinds of tricks. Can be played indoors or outdoors, and even in the pool.

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