Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals


Looking for a birthday present or just-because gift for a child who loves pets and wildlife? With some help from our expert panel of children, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best gifts for kids who love animals. From dog-themed socks and butterfly craft sets to safari hand puppets, here are our top picks!

Top Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals:

  1. Animal Flashlight & Projector
  2. Shark Glider – Flies 80 feet
  3. Pawsome – Six Odd Socks At Your Heel!
  4. Hand Puppets – Set of 6 Safari Animals
  5. Crystal Mobile Butterflies – 8 Suncatchers
  6. Spot the Odd One Out – 80+ Puzzles
  7. Highland Cow with Sound
  8. Slithering Snake – Remote Control Critter
  9. Adopt-a-Sloth – A Real One

1 Animal Torch and Projector ,  $14.99 $14.99

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Project a safari onto your walls!

This cool torch makes a wonderful gift for little animal lovers! It comes with three slide discs, so children can project 24 high-quality, colored animal photographs on their bedroom walls or ceiling. Go on safari from the comfort of bed and observe giraffes, elephants, alligators and more in their natural habitats. The projector can also be used as a normal flashlight, so it’s great for keeping by the bedside at night if kids are afraid of the dark. A fun, innovative toy that’s perfect for sleepovers and PJ parties!

2 Shark Glider – Flies 80 feet ,  $24.99 $24.99

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a shark…

We know sharks can swim, but did you know they can fly? Kids who love marine biology will love this awesome shark glider! This super-cool outdoor toy is simple to assemble, easy to throw, and tons of fun. Launch your shark into the skies with a simple flick of the wrist, then watch him soar. The glider is tough and flexible and can travel up to 80 feet. Makes a fabulous alternative to a kite, and there are no tricky strings involved. Fin-tastic!

3 Pawsome – Six Odd Socks At Your Heel! ,  $25.99 $25.99

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Socks for dog lovers

Need the perfect gift for a child who loves both pets and fashion? We’ve got just the thing! Each odd sock in this set of six features a trendy design and a smiling dog on the front of the foot. Mix and match to create up to 15 stylish pairs. This fun accessory set is sure to add pizzazz to any outfit, turn some heads, and garner a few compliments. Paw-some!

4 Hand Puppets – Set of 6 Safari Animals ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Perfect for pretend-play

Hand-puppets are a brilliant way to begin role-playing with young children, and this set of six safari animals is sure to provide hours of imaginative fun! There’s an elephant, a tiger, a parrot, a giraffe, a monkey, and a zebra, and they’re all incredibly soft and cuddly. Act out scenes, practice new words, build motor skills… the possibilities are endless! Parents will appreciate that the fabric is durable and washable, so these fun little friends will last for years to come. Time to go wild!

5 Butterfly Stained-Glass Mobile – Make Your Own ,  $29.99 $29.99

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A lovely craft project for wildlife fans

Craft kits are a fun way to spend a rainy day or quiet afternoon indoors, and this cool butterfly craft kit makes a brilliant gift for children who love animals and nature! Use the ten paint pens to color in the decorative butterfly frames, making DIY stained glass. Once you’ve colored your butterflies, assemble them into a mobile, put the mobile on display, and watch in awe as your butterflies move in the sun to create a thousand reflections. A fun, hands-on art activity with a gorgeous finished project!

6 Spot the Odd One Out – 80+ Puzzles ,  $8.99 $8.99

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A beautifully illustrated activity book

Most kids love a challenge, and they’ll get 88 of them with this animal-themed puzzle and activity book! It’s brimming with charming illustrations and fun things to keep kids busy, so it’s perfect for quiet indoor time, travel and car trips and more. Pick a puzzle and follow the instructions… Can you spot the robot with a missing part? Can you find the unicorn hiding amongst the horses? There’s only one way to find out!

7 Highland Cow with Sound ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Soft, cuddly, and totally unique!

Most children already have teddy bears and other standard soft toys, but do you know anyone with a stuffed highland cow? This highly original cuddly toy comes with a tag full of fun highland cow facts: they’re one of the oldest breeds of cattle, and they’re distinguished by their curved horns and shaggy coat… This super-soft toy is made from high-quality recycled and sustainable materials, and it even lets out a hearty moo when you press its hoof. Lovely!

8 Slithering Snake – Remote Control Critter ,  $29.99 $29.99

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For kids who love creepy crawlies…

Kids who love creepy crawly things will get a real kick out of this slithering snake. Turn him on and press the button on the remote to start him slithering away. You can even control whether he slithers left or right! To make it all even creepier, this snake features a wriggling tongue with a menacing red LED light. A brilliant toy for wicked pranks and practical jokes — watch out!

For something really special…

9 Adopt-a-Sloth – A Real One ,  $32.99 $32.99

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Make a real difference!

Animal lovers and little conservationists will really appreciate this fantastically unique gift! The kit comes with a fact sheet about endangered sloths, sloth facts, a map of sloths across South America, and a postcard to display in your bedroom or on the fridge. Of course, the best part is that when you get the kit, you can register online and the Sloth Conservation Foundation will take care of a sloth for the next 12 months in your name! After registration, you’ll also receive a certificate and periodic sloth updates. A wonderful birthday or just-because present that truly makes a difference!

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