Gifts For Young Maccabees


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It’s time again for the trickiest time of year. That profound question. NOT ‘do we spell it Hannukah, Chanukah or even Chranukah’ – but ‘what are the best, fun gift ideas for kids to fill 8 luminous days?’ No one wants ANOTHER menorah, dreidel, or bag of gelt. It’s almost the opposite of a present, candy you have to work for. You’ve got to EARN that candy. You feel a little gilt-y at the end of it all, just you and a pile of ripped gold tinfoil.

We have a great range of fun, unique toys sorted by age and interest and we have fabulous giftwrap. And we have put together a Best of Hanukkah Gifts site just to make selection and inspiration even easier, with some special toys and deals you won’t find elsewhere in our store.

This year, let’s put a bit more feeling into our present selection – maybe fewer pencils stamped with stars of David, and more toys that reflect the true rebel spirit of Hanukkah. We’ve got you sorted out with a fun bestseller to match each Hanukkah theme, all laid out here in plain English, translated, of course, from its original Hebrew in the old texts.

  1. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls
  2. Upshot Smart Bow & Arrow Gaming System
  3. Adopt-a-Penguin
  4. Laser Twister Tracks
  5. Make Your Own Unicorn Hoodie


1Goodnight Stories for Rebels Girls, $34.95$34.95

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Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, with 100 tales of heroism accompanied by illustrations from 60 female artists, is a gift to get excited about. Profiling powerful women from ancient history all the way up to the Williams’ sisters, this book of bedtime stories fits perfectly with the Jewish propensity for showing strength and resistance.


2Upshot Smart Bow & Arrow Gaming System, $26.99$26.99

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Jews famously can have fun under almost any circumstances – that’s how the Dreidel game came about, after all! We don’t have to play with actual bows and arrows anymore. It’s not ancient Greece. The Virtual Bow & Arrow game is a fantastic meeting point between the old and the new, allowing you to stretch and bend an actual bow while playing through virtual fields and jungles on your smartphone. A riotous good time for all, and perfect to play with after latkes and apple sauce!


3Adopt-a-Penguin, $29.99$29.99

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You can’t separate Jewish culture from mitzvahs, and you definitely can’t miss-tvah with this present. The Adopt a Penguin Kit provides everything you need to know about your penguin as well as providing a donation, which any sensible penguin would use to move somewhere warmer. The Red Sea, perhaps?


4Laser Twister Tracks, $34.99$34.99

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Hanukkah’s all about bringing light into darkness, illuminating what was once concealed. One of the few static truths in this world is that little boys never stop wanting to build things, and adding a glow feature can never hurt. The Laser Twister Tracks has got 12 feet of LED light-up track to arrange and rearrange, as well as an LED race car with a USB charging port. It’s multicolored, modern, and right in line with what kids are interested in this year.

Theme Five: MIRACLES

5Make Your Own Unicorn Hoodie, $24.99$24.99

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Wicked Uncle’s got PLENTY of miraculous gifts sure to get Gen Xers excited! Mystical creatures still haven’t wavered in public opinion, and they’ve certainly not gotten less miraculous. We recommend the Make-Your-Own Unicorn Hoodie – it’s warm, cozy, mythical, AND creative! The fabric comes pre-cut, and the instructions guide you fully through knotting together the correct pieces.

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, we made it out of PLAY TIME! Have your games and principles, too. There’s nothing about Hanukkah that says you can’t have both! Let us guide you through the darkness on this. These gifts are a more fun spin on the festivities than a Dreidel on a tilt-a-whirl!

And to ensure the children in your life enjoy themselves, while not gambling or overthrowing tyranny or browsing the Best of Hanukkah Gifts site, we thought you could probably use a few jokes from our Joke Factory.

Which hand should you light the menorah with?
Neither, much safer to use a candle.

What’s the best Hanukkah gift for someone who has everything?
A burglar alarm.

What do you call a latke that looks wrong?
An unidentified frying object.

A Jewish family – no surprise- found themselves in a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day. They were amazed when the Chinese waiter spoke to them in fluent Yiddish. How could this be, they asked the manager. “Shhhhh,” he said, “Not so loud, he thinks we’re teaching him English”.



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