Gifts To Help Kids Relax And Have Fun In 2022


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Educational toys are great, but sometimes children just need to kick back and relax. Other times, they need to cut loose and have some wacky and wild fun! Looking for some toys and games designed to let your kid be a kid? Check out our ultimate list of gifts to help kids relax and have fun in 2021!

Top Tried & Tested Gifts:

  1. Smart Ball
  2. Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang
  3. Spy Glasses
  4. Mini Hornit
  5. Glow Art
  6. Pindaloo
  7. Super Bendy Light
  8. Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens
  9. Charades for Kids
  10. Fart Book

1Smart Ball, $32.99$32.99

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Counts Juggles aloud!

Smart Ball is no ordinary soccer ball. (Though you can use it as a regular ball by removing the sensor and screwing the bung to the ball!) Smart Ball lights up with every touch, and its built-in speaker counts your juggle score out loud up to 100. Challenge your friends to a trick-off or try to beat your high score in a solo round. Smart, sporty fun!

2Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang, $19.99$19.99

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The toy that comes back

Enjoy hours of outdoor adventure with this ultra-fun boomerang. It features an advanced tri-blade design and has a flight range of up to 60 feet. The boomerang’s wings whistle as it soars through the open skies. And best of all, it’s easy to throw and catch — and you’ll need to do both, as this boomerang comes back every time!

3Spy Glasses, $15.99$15.99

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Perfect for nighttime adventures

These light-up goggles will help spy kids find their way in the dark, whether they’re on a top-secret mission or just sneaking to the refrigerator for a midnight snack. The tinted green lenses enhance night vision, and the directional beams of LED lights leave both hands free to explore. The adjustable velcro straps mean that these glasses will fit heads of all sizes — a good thing, as these glasses are so cool, Mom and Dad might want to try them too!

4Mini Hornit, $26.99$26.99

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This year’s hottest bike accessory

The Mini Hornit is durable, waterproof, and fully loaded with 25 fun and outrageous sound effects. Want to pretend you’re riding a motorbike, a police car, or a fire engine? No problem! Want to make people think there’s a horse or a lion coming up behind them? Mini Hornit can do that too! The horn attaches easily to the handlebars of any bike or scooter, and it also features white and green lights with flashing or constant settings. Roar roar, coming through!

5Glow Art, $21.99$21.99

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Create brilliant masterpieces!

Budding artists will enjoy hours of relaxing fun with this light-up drawing board. The pink frame with a built-in stand features a see-through screen so you can trace your favorite pictures or create original works of art. Switch the frame on and watch the LEDs illuminate in 36 different ways and colors, giving your artwork a fantastic neon glow effect. Wipe clean with a dry cloth to start again. Soothing and imaginative entertainment awaits!

6Pindaloo, $22.99$22.99

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Everyone’s talking about Pindaloo

Pindaloo is the ultimate game of skill. The basic concept is simple enough — just loop the ball from one side of the tube to the other. The reality is much more challenging! Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be doing all kinds of wild tricks. Can be played indoors or outdoors, and even in the pool! A great way to unwind after a long homework session. Get in the loop!

7Super Bendy Light, $13.99$13.99

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A cool new twist on a classic reading light

This bendy light has flexible, grippy coated legs that can grab, hook, hang or wrap around nearly any horizontal surface. The 360-degree head rotation makes it easy to shine light exactly where you need it. And conveniently, this little guy comes with batteries fitted, so you can start using the light right away. A perfect gift for kids who like staying up past their bedtime to read their favorite books!

8Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens, $22.99$22.99

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Draw, write, and make magic

Kids of all ages will love this amazing set of 25 magic marker pens. Write in a journal, scrawl notes to friends, or create artistic masterpieces with markers that can change colors, make 3D letters, write in invisible ink, and more! Built with durable, shock-proof tips, these markers will make a wonderful and long-lasting addition to any child’s art supply collection.

9Charades for Kids, $19.99$19.99

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The silent guessing game

Charades is a classic party game for a reason — it’s tons of fun! This version is simplified for kids and comes jam-packed with 450 charades to choose from. Act out all sorts of things, from a hula hoop and a cell phone to hanging a picture. Just pick a card, flip a timer, and get this party started!

10Fart Book, $10.99$10.99

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Animals scratch ‘n’ sniff

This hilarious, rhyming, scratch-and-sniff board book is truly a sensory delight. Kids will find plenty of laughs in the 16 pages, and they can smell some very unusual farts. Ever wondered what a unicorn’s fart might smell like? Just left the flap and take a sniff to find out! A totally weird and wild addition to any class clown’s bookshelf!

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