Fun Gifts For Your Love This Valentine’s Day – 2022


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Love doesn’t always have to be romance and chocolates and roses. Sometimes it means laughing and playing, and we happen to specialize in those two things. So if you’re the kind of person looking for a fun, goofy gift for your love this Valentine’s day, here are some ideas from your favorite online toy store:

  1. Bath Bombs – Unicorn Poo
  2. Emoji Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box
  3. Donuts – Six Odd Socks
  4. Valentine Candy Coated Popcorn
  5. BBop Balls – For Two!
  6. Tiny Baking – World’s Smallest Baking Set
  7. Clocky
  8. Unicorn Poo – Rare, Magical, and Sticky
  9. Bean Boozled
  10. Mini Candy Sushi – Yummy Gummies!
  11. Adopt-a-Penguin – A Real One

1Bath Bombs – Unicorn Poo, $13.99$13.99

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For a luxious bath in the poo of a mythical creature…

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like the gift of bathing luxury. They’ll get home from a long day, plop one of these colorful balls into the bath, and sink deep into a magical, mythical, fizzy rainbow unicorn soak. Mythical creature poo has never been so relaxing and luxurious. Or colorful.

2Emoji Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box, $7.99$7.99

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Show you care…with emojis!

A hilarious twist on the traditional Valentine’s gift of a box of chocolates. This box of three delicious chocolate covered oreos decorated with emojis is the perfect way to show your love you care, and also put a smile on their face!

3Donuts – Six Odd Socks, $19.99$19.99

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Something soft and sweet for your loved one’s feet…

Have you ever seen a box of donuts and thought, “Those look so delicious, I wish I could wear them?” Wonder no more. Gift your loved one with these donut socks; they’ll delight in rolling on the soft, mismatched donut designs. Soft, colorful, and odd, just like your love!

4Valentine Candy Coated Popcorn, $6.99$6.99

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Say it with… popcorn!

Surprise your one and only with this adorable bag of red and white Cupid Corn–a uniquely quirky Valentine’s Day gift. Made in the USA, this award-winning gourmet popcorn has been air-popped for the best taste and texture. Sweet and slightly salty, it’s sure to go down a treat!

5BBop Balls – For Two!, $55.99$55.99

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For getting up close and personal…

If you have the kind of love that requires running into each other at high velocity, show your love with a set of BBop balls. Inflate, wear, and go. Because sometimes love is like atoms, and you just need to bounce off each other.

6Tiny Baking – World’s Smallest Baking Set, $19.99$19.99

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Bake some tiny sweet sweets for your sweetie…

If you’ve ever asked your sweetie if they were hungry, and they said, “I’m not starving, but I could eat a little something,” then here’s the answer. Bake your sweetie a tiny version of the classics, like a tiny lattice-crust pie or a pizza, with these tiny tools. They say the way to your loved one’s heart is through their tiny stomach.

7Clocky, $45.99$45.99

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Be sure you’re awake on the big day…

Let’s face it: every day with your love is a big day. So make sure they, and you, are awake and ready to go for them with this alarm clock that runs away. When the big day comes, they’ll be so irritated with this clock that you’ll look like a true romantic hero.

8Unicorn Poo – Rare, Magical, and Sticky, $6.99$6.99

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Because we know your love can’t get enough rainbow poo…

Because we know romance, we know your love with be delighted with this sticky, moldable unicorn poo. Squish it, throw it, stick it. It sticks to walls and flat surfaces, so they’ll always have a sticky rainbow reminder of how much you love them!

9Bean Boozled, $8.99$8.99

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A disgusting fun game that only someone who loves you will play…

Sometimes love means taking chances, and Bean Boozled is definitely a game of taking chances. Spin the spinner with your loved one and take a chance; it could be berry blue, it could be toothpaste. Is it buttered popcorn or rotten egg? Only someone who truly loves you will play this game with you.

10Mini Candy Sushi – Yummy Gummies!, $6.49$6.49

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Enjoy the artistry of sushi without the raw fish and stuff…

Looking for a beautiful, hand-crafted-looking sushi dinner to share with your loved one, but one or both of you aren’t crazy about raw fish? We’ve found the answer: share a tray of these beautiful gummy sushis. They look like sushi but taste like candy. The perfect end to a romantic dinner!

11Adopt-a-Penguin – A Real One, $29.99$29.99

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For a truly original Valentine’s gift

So you’re still looking for something different for that special someone? The animal lover in your life will love this gift! Adopt a Galapagos penguin for 12 months and receive a certificate, a fact sheet about endangered Galapagos creatures, penguin facts, an infographic, plus a map of the islands, and a penguin postcard to frame. You can even name the penguin after your sweetheart to really make them laugh!

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Q: What did one sheep say to the other on Valentine’s Day?

A: I love ewe!

Q: How did the other sheep respond?

A: You’re not so baaaaaaaaaaa-ad yourself!



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