Hilariously Fun Games For Teens


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Teenagers love socializing with friends, being competitive, and having fun. That’s why games make awesome gifts! Need some inspiration? You need our epic list of the 10 most hilariously fun games for teens! From wacky board games and clever card sets to all-in-one magic kits, here are our top picks.

Top Fun Games for Teens:

  1. Wicked Pranks & Jokes – For The Prankster!
  2. Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!
  3. Kids Against Maturity – Wacky Card Game
  4. BrainBolt – Fast Light-Up Memory Game
  5. Fifty Greatest Card Tricks – Marvin’s Magic
  6. Beat That! – Battle of Wacky Challenges
  7. Bean Boozled – Jelly Bean Challenge, Yummy or Not?
  8. Temple Trap – Logic Puzzle Game
  9. Dance Charades – Get Your Groove On!
  10. Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles

1Wicked Pranks & Jokes – For The Prankster!, $25.99$25.99

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Wickedly funny!

For the prank-loving teen, this set of mischievous jokes will have everyone cracking up. 100 jokes plus props are included, with classic pranks such as the Fake Parking Ticket along with updated stunts such as the Selfie Phone Squirter or the Smart Phone Spider Trick. How about pranking mom with a Freaky Body Surprise? Sure to be a hit with teens–less so with the parents!

2Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!, $24.50$24.50

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Two truths and a lie

Teenagers will be in hysterics over this zany card game! Each card contains three ‘facts’, except one is completely and utterly made up. Players must convince their opponents that they’re telling the truth, no matter which ‘fact’ they read aloud. This hilarious game can be played with up to eight players, making it ideal for parties and family gatherings. Who’s the best liar? You’re about to find out!

3Kids Against Maturity – Wacky Card Game, $24.99$24.99

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Side-splitting silly fun

Winner of the 2020 Game of the Year award, this wonderfully juvenile game is sure to cause uproarious laughs among teens anywhere. Create combinations out of the phrases on the blue cards for instant hilarity, such as ‘My Mum’s cooking tastes like… CAT LITTER!’, and ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a… WIENER DOG!’. Then vote on the funniest combo to decide the winner. Over 40,000 combinations can be made from the 500+ cards so this really is the gift that keeps on giving!

4BrainBolt – Fast Light-Up Memory Game, $23.99$23.99

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Can you remember?

Teens will go bananas for this thrilling handheld electronic memory game! The concept sounds simple enough: remember the light sequence and then press the new light. But just wait until you play! The game adds another new light, and then another… Things get very tricky very quickly! BrainBolt can be played solo or in competitive mode. There’s also a timed mode for lightning-fast games and an advanced mode for expert players. Put your memory to the ultimate test!

5Fifty Greatest Card Tricks – Marvin’s Magic, $23.99$23.99

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Become a master magician!

Looking for a gift for a teen who loves magic and sleight of hand? They’ll love this brilliant magic set, which contains 50 seriously baffling card tricks, a hardback book of secret instructions, and special magic props. Master the clever tricks, then use them to mesmerize and amaze friends and family. Voila!

6Beat That! – Battle of Wacky Challenges, $31.99$31.99

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The ultimate party game

In this bonkers game, players must compete to complete 160 different wacky challenges. Can you gargle a song for your teammates to guess in Mouthwash Karaoke? How about stacking four dice using only chopsticks in under 30 seconds? Collect points by betting on your ability to bounce, stack, hop, and roll your way to victory. A brilliant choice for parties and get-togethers, and perfect for competitive teens!

7Bean Boozled – Jelly Bean Challenge, Yummy or Not?, $8.99$8.99

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Yum or yuck?

Foodies and adventurous eaters, this is the game for you! Beanboozle’s 4th edition contains ten yummy and classic flavors and ten weird and gross ones. The challenge is that they look identical! Take a turn, spin the spinner, and pick out your bean. Now the real fun begins. For example, if you get a white one, it might taste like coconut, or it might taste like spoiled milk. Get ready to laugh…

8Temple Trap – Logic Puzzle Game, $16.99$16.99

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Escape the temple!

Now for some more old-fashioned entertainment! Introduce teen gamers to this challenging, tactile logic puzzle game and they will love it. Move sliding puzzle pieces to help the adventurer escape the deadly temple, creating a safe path by avoiding ferocious crocodiles and negotiating constantly shifting walls. This 14 x 14 inch game is ideally sized for travel, and it comes with 60 different challenges and five levels of difficulty, from Starter to Wizard. Hours of epic gaming fun await!

9Dance Charades – Get Your Groove On!, $26.99$26.99

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Dance the description!

Need a game for the teen in your life who always knows the latest Tik Tok dance? You need this hilarious dance version of charades! Pick a card and use movement to express the clues while music plays. You have 40 seconds to get through as many charades cards as you can. Can you dance like a tornado? How about ‘wipe the counter’? This funny game comes with 300 charade cards, a CD with all the tunes, and 45 scoring tokens. Endlessly entertaining!

10Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles, $18.99$18.99

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Outrageously audacious laughs

For some more sneaky entertainment try this collection of cons, hustles and scams. Includes a set of loaded dice to win every time, a trick version of Russian Roulette, and a deck of special cards to ensure the perfect poker hand, plus another 47 outrageous ideas outlined in the handy booklet. See the look on their faces, then let them in on the secret! Very clever, fiendish fun.

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