Incredibly Soft Toys Kids Will Love


Whether you are a parent or guardian yourself, or you have a friend’s little one to buy for, there is no denying that children of all ages love soft toys. This is because soft toys are a comforting item that is easy for a child to take everywhere with them. Regardless of what the day brings, a soft toy is always there to provide hours of fun. They are soft, colourful and ideal for encouraging childhood development; many even become treasured possessions.

Soft Toys Are Comforting For Kids

Kids of all ages use toys as a way to comfort and entertain themselves, especially if they are going somewhere new or doing something for the first time. They create a sense of safety and security, and they can help to keep little ones distracted and calm during stressful situations. Whatever the day brings, a soft toy is there to help a child relax.

Gifts For Kids Who Love Soft Toys

  1. Highland Cow with Sound
  2. Hand Puppets – Set of 6 Safari Animals
  3. Talking Ball – Speaks & Sings!
  4. Gardenbug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Set
  5. Corgi – Squishable 7″ Cushion
  6. Dino Roar! – Four Noisy Dinosaurs
  7. Hungry Pelican – Feed Me!
  8. Good Night Teddy – So Sweet

1 Highland Cow with Sound ,  $39.99 $39.99

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A Farmyard Friend!

This gorgeous Highland cow comes from the brand Living Nature, which prides itself on creating realistic soft toys for kids to enjoy. The Highland cow’s long coat makes it ideal for cuddling and snuggling, and the curved horns give it character and charm – he even moos when you squeeze his hoof!

2 Hand Puppets – Set of 6 Safari Animals ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Animal Friends for Everyone!

These fun safari puppets are great for role playing and creating stories, and they encourage kids to play together. Children can act out scenes, use their creativity and come up with scenarios for their puppets to enjoy. They are bright, colorful and full of personality.

3 Talking Ball – Speaks & Sings! ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Learn Your 123s and ABCs!

As this talking ball shows, soft toys don’t have to be animals. This ball sings the alphabet and counts to 10, and it’s a great educational toy for younger children. Not only does it teach them the basics of their ABCs and 123s, but it helps them to develop motor skills as they throw and catch it.

4 Gardenbug Foot Finder & Wrist Rattle Set ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Shake, Rattle and Roll!

These bright and bold wrist rattles and foot finders are a great way to get a baby searching for their hands and feet. They crinkle, rattle and make noise with every movement. Even the most inquisitive babies will be engaged, discovering and learning with this soft toy.

5 Corgi – Squishable 7″ Cushion to Hug! ,  $22.99 $22.99

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A Huggable Friend!

There’s no denying that squishable soft toys are hugely popular at the moment, and this corgi really stands out as being a great addition to anyone’s collection. It’s the ideal gift for any dog lover! It’s soft, huggable and extremely cute.

6 Dino Roar! – Four Noisy Dinosaurs ,  $29.99 $29.99

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A Roar-some Soft Toy!

These four dinosaurs live together in a soft volcano, and each one makes a different noise. Give them a squeeze and see what they have to say for themselves! This is a great toy for kids who like to get creative, role play and come up with characters for their dino friends.

7 Hungry Pelican – Feed Me! ,  $39.99 $39.99

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A Hungry Friend!

This soft pelican comes equipped with his own gang of friends; a shrimp, an octopus, a fish and a crab. Each of them makes a unique noise, which is sure to engage and delight any little one. Keep the pelican happy by feeding him, playing with him and seeing what noises he can make.

8 Good Night Teddy – So Sweet ,  $19.99 $19.99

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This adorable bear and soft book are perfect for bedtime. Read a bedtime story about teddy’s day – including all of the key parts, such as having his dinner and brushing his teeth – before tucking him in and sending him off to sleep. It’s a soft, cuddly and interactive way to end the day.

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