Kids Spa Party – The Ultimate Plan!


Kids spa party

Are you looking for kids party ideas to mark their special day? If so, a kids spa party is the perfect choice. After all, it’s not just us grown-ups that like to be pampered. The great thing about kids spa parties is they are perfect for all ages. You can simply adapt the activities to suit your guests. So, whether you are planning a celebration for tots or teens, a kids spa party is always a big hit.

To help make your celebration extra special, we have gathered together lots of ideas to help you organize the perfect pamper party. Read on to discover our ultimate step-by-step plan for a kids spa party:

kids party facepaints

Awesome Spa Party Activities

There are so many different activities that you can include in a spa party. So, you will be able to take your pick from a wide choice of fun things to do to keep your guests entertained:

Mini Makeover

Let the kids loose with some makeup if you dare! Older kids will adore this activity and will love putting together some unique makeup looks. You could even find some online makeup tutorials for them to watch and then recreate.

For younger kids, doing their own makeup may get a little too messy. Instead, why not buy some face paints and create beautiful designs such as butterflies and flowers?

Mani and Pedi Time

Let the kids give their feet a treat by giving each child a bowl of warm water to soak their feet and then popping a bath bomb into the bowl. When the bath bomb has finished fizzing, get the kids to dry off and ready to have their toenails painted.

Creating a manicure station is a great idea for tweens and teens. Simply set up a table, add a selection of nail polishes in a choice of colors and plenty of nail art stickers, stick-on gems, and glitter and give their creativity free rein.

kids spa party face masks

Mix Up Some Face Masks

Cucumber slices at the ready, it’s time to whip up some face packs! Laying out ingredients for kids to make their own face masks will keep the kids occupied for ages. Each child just needs their own small bowl and spoon to mix together the ingredients.

You can make a basic face pack using plain yogurt, a little honey, and a scoop of oatmeal – just be sure to check with parents to make sure their children don’t have any allergies. Once the face masks are made, the kids can sit back and try not to giggle so their face masks don’t crack!

Get Creative

Decorating makeup bags is an ideal activity for guests of all ages. All you need are some plain cosmetic pouches and fabric pens, and you will be good to go. You can also give the kids embellishments, such as glitter, stick-on sequins, and pom-poms, if you want to be extra fancy. This activity gives kids the chance to express their personal style, and they make excellent pencil cases, too.

Healthy party food

Tasty Treats to Eat

As this is a spa-themed party, it makes sense to choose foods that are both delicious and healthy for the kids to eat. Crudités and fruit platters are an excellent choice, plus all the bright colors of the fruit and veggies will look beautiful on the party table.

Blend together some colorful smoothies to wash down the tasty treats. Or, how about making some ‘mocktails’ by adding fruit slices to water or lemonade? Simply add a straw and cocktail umbrella for a fancy finishing touch.

kids party favors

Perfect Party Favors

Hosting a spa party full of fun activities means that you can give out the kids’ creations as party favors! Buy some small pots, and the kids can scoop the face masks they made into the container ready to take home. Add a label and provide them with some colored pens, and they can even create their own label design.

You can then pop the face masks into the cosmetic pouches the kids created earlier, add a sweet treat, such as a donut or cupcake, and you will have truly unique party favors for everyone.

Your guests will love to take home their fabulous makes to show their parents.

This is going to be a truly spa-tacular experience!

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