Looking for Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything?


Looking for a gift for a kid who has everything? We’ve got you covered with our awesome list of unique gift ideas, arranged by category. At Wicked Uncle, all of our super-cool toys and games are tested by a team of experts, so you can be sure whatever you choose will be a hit. We also offer a convenient gift-wrapping service, perfect for when you can’t be there to give the gift in person. Okay, ready for some super-cool, totally original gift ideas? Let’s go!

Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything:

  1. Metal Detector – Detects to 6″ Depth
  2. My Discovery Telescope
  3. HD Action Camera – with Waterproof Case
  4. Swiss Army Knife (plastic)
  5. Butterfly Pillowcase – Color & Wash Out
  6. Unicorn Felt Sewing Kit – For Beginners!
  7. Giant Piano Dance Mat – Music made Easy!
  8. Origami Flower Lights – Fold Your Own
  9. Ultralight Airplanes – Build & Fly
  10. Archi.Tech Smart House – 62 Pieces
  11. Sparkleworks – Design & Drill
  12. Smartmax Power Vehicles – Magnetic Construction

The Adventurer:

1 Metal Detector – Detects to 6″ Depth ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Search for buried treasure!

Little adventurers will enjoy hours of entertainment with this awesome children’s metal detector! Scour shorelines, the park, or your own backyard for treasure up to six feet underground. This super-cool gadget provides a great excuse to spend some quality time outdoors, and it lights up and beeps in different tones based on the metals you discover. It also features a waterproof base (perfect for hunting for buried treasure at the beach or the lake) and an adjustable handle height, making it a nice fit for kids of all ages. Are you sitting on buried treasure? There’s only one way to find out!

2 My Discovery Telescope ,  $27.99 $27.99

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A lovely gift for curious young scientists & explorers

Explore the wonders of the earth and beyond with this lightweight Galilean refracting telescope! Kids who love science, astronomy, and outer space will appreciate this unique gift, which can magnify images up to 12x. It features a soft-shell ocular lens and a sturdy metal focuser, so it’s both comfortable to peer through and simple to use. A classic gift for the adventure-loving kid who has it all!

3 HD Action Camera – with Waterproof Case ,  $69.99 $69.99

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Become the next big action director

Athletes, dare-devils, and pranksters will love capturing their adventures and tricks with this HD action video camera. It comes with a waterproof case, a frame mount, a pole mount, velcro straps, and more cool features and accessories to simplify filming. There are even pivot mounts, so you can mount the camera on the handlebars of a bike or scooter! A fun gift idea that will definitely get a lot of use. Who knows—your recipient might become the next award-winning documentary filmmaker or action director!

4 Swiss Army Knife (plastic) ,  $16.99 $16.99

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For kids who love camping, hiking, and the outdoors

Little adventurers have probably seen their parents use a Swiss Army knife while camping or hiking, and now they can have their own — and don’t worry, this one is totally safe and made of plastic! This cool toy will help children feel like real explorers with a plastic saw, penknife, bottle opener, magnifier, fork, and spoon. Comes complete with a belt clip, so it’s perfect for carrying on the go. A must-have accessory for young explorers!

Creative Kids:

5 Butterfly Pillowcase – Doodle your own! ,  $24.99 $24.99

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A cute, colorful way to encourage mindfulness

This brilliant project pack makes a perfect gift for creative kids who have everything. Use the ten bright pens to color the gorgeous nature-themed scene on the pillowcase. Once you’re done, pop the case onto a pillow and display it in your bedroom. Best of all, the fun can go on and on. That’s right, the marker ink washes out, so just toss the pillowcase in the washing machine, and you can start coloring all over again. A perfect rainy day or just-before-bed activity. Creative genius!

6 Unicorn Felt Sewing Kit – For Beginners! ,  $17.99 $17.99

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Learn to sew!

With this gift, creative kids not only get a fun craft project but also an introduction to a valuable life skill: sewing! Use the included materials to create four sweet felt projects: a happy fairy, a colorful rainbow, and two adorable unicorns. Use the plastic safety needle and bright thread to assemble the pre-cut felt. Then stuff your creations and put them on display or give them to friends as gifts. There are four projects, so this craft kit also makes a good ‘group gift’ for siblings or friends. Sew cool!

7 Giant Piano Dance Mat – Music made Easy! ,  $49.99 $49.99

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An active toy for budding musical geniuses

Listen up, little musicians! This bright, funky piano mat is sure to bring a huge smile to any aspiring rock star’s face. Use your feet to play songs by following the color-coded cues. There’s Happy Birthday, Chopsticks, Old McDonald, and more. Record and listen back to your masterpieces, play along with inbuilt melodies, and experiment with the eight instrument sounds, including a guitar and a harp… So much creative fun in just one mat! A highly entertaining alternative to traditional piano lessons.

8 Origami Flower Lights – Fold Your Own ,  $19.99 $19.99

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The ancient art of paper folding…

If you know a creative kid, chances are they enjoy origami. That’s why this lovely craft set makes a brilliant gift! Follow the simple instructions and fold the patterned sheet of paper into beautiful ladybugs, bees, and flowers. Add your cute creations to the string of battery-operated lights and display them anywhere—a bedroom, the living room, even the backyard on a dry evening. A fabulous hands-on project with a lovely end product for kids to feel proud of!

Aspiring Engineers:

9 Ultralight Airplanes – Build & Fly ,  $25.99 $25.99

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Soar through the skies

We all loved making paper airplanes as children… But today’s kids get an upgrade! This awesome engineering set contains ultralight plastic and bamboo parts and detailed instructions for building planes with various wing configurations, including a triplane and a tandem wing plane. Parents will appreciate that this kit is as educational as it is fun because it also teaches children about lift and how planes stay in the air. A satisfying and entertaining project kit for kids who love building things!

10 Archi.Tech Smart House – 62 Pieces ,  $49.99 $49.99

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A brilliant gift for little architects

The aspiring engineer who has everything probably doesn’t have Smart House! This innovative experiment kit comes with everything kids need to conduct 20 electronic experiments. Use the modular building system to design a house, then deck it out with a speaker, a light sensor, and flashing LEDs. Build a castle with a drawbridge and moat. Make a treehouse with a pulley-operated trapdoor. So many projects and so much fun, all in just one box! Comes with a 32-page activity book, brimming with fun facts and fascinating diagrams. The ultimate gift for young architects, designers, and engineers!

11 Sparkleworks – Design & Drill ,  $49.99 $49.99

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A bright, creative STEM set

Construction meets creativity with this truly brilliant activity set! Little engineers and designers will have hours of fun drilling colorful patterns into the light-up board. Once your design is complete, flip the switch to light it up. Coolest of all, the set reacts to sounds, even ‘dancing’ to music. The set comes with a translucent power drill with LED light, 60 colorful plastic bolts, and 12 design patterns. Fantastic fun, and a clever way to encourage motor skills, dexterity, and concentration!

12 Smartmax Power Vehicles – Magnetic Construction ,  $44.99 $44.99

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Explore the fascinating world of magnets

Magnets are endlessly fascinating to kids, and this set is perfect for beginners—especially beginners who love vehicles! Use the magnetic rods as a base to build a fleet of vehicles by simply clicking on wheels, scoops, and other attachments. Build a pick-up truck, a forklift, a fire truck, and more. The 26 oversized pieces are specially designed for small hands, and this set is the perfect way for kids to start understanding how magnets work, including learning about the effects of attraction and repulsion. A clever STEM kit sure to provide endless entertainment. Vroom vroom!

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