10 New Emojis You Need to Text Your Kids – World Emoji Day, July 17th, 2019


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As society evolves, so must parents. After all, you’re responsible for rearing effective communicators. Good news, it’s Emoji week. Bad news, at last count there are only 2823 emojis currently in the Unicode standard. If you’re still sending :)s and ;Ds, Wicked Uncle has you covered, so they won’t be able to “clap back” with a better emoji.

  1. The Not Yet emoji
  2. The Big Trouble emoji
  3. The Something Came Up emoji
  4. The I’m Too Old emoji
  5. The Let’s Celebrate! emoji
  6. The Can You Hear Me Now? emoji
  7. The I’m Not A Miracle Worker emoji
  8. The Wakey-Wakey emoji
  9. The Don’t Tell Mom emoji
  10. The Rarest of All emoji

1When the answer isn’t “no” but more appropriately, not yet., $undefined

To be used in response to: When can I be finished working on this project? Can Sara come over yet? Can I walk to school by myself?

2When they are in BIG trouble, but you don’t want them too scared to come home and receive their just desserts., $undefined

To be used in response to: Did the school call you today? We got our report cards and I can explain…

3When they were supposed to hang out with you that day, or help you do chores, and something VITAL came up instead., $undefined

To be used in response to: Hey I know we were gonna go to the movies but I forgot I had this test to study for! Or I know I was supposed to help you clear out the garage but Mike’s having people over for DnD today…

4When they want you to do some activity that requires additional energy and you’re already old and tired., $undefined

To be used in response to: Hey there’s a bake sale next week, can you bring brownies? Or John’s house is on the way, can we start taking him to soccer with us? Or I forgot the science fair was tomorrow, we need to go get a tri-fold posterboard…

5When your kid texts with you unexpected good news and you want to celebrate., $undefined

To be used in response to: We don’t have school tomorrow! I got the extension on that project! I finished cleaning my room and the chicken is thawing for dinner!

6When you’ve said something a million times and they’re still asking the question., $undefined

To be used in response to: What day is Grandma coming to visit? When is the Scholastic Book Fair? What’s Dad’s birthday?

7When they think you’re some kind of super-human-genie wish granter but you are a mere mortal., $undefined

To be used in response to: I left my homework in the car can you turn around!!! Or I need new shoes for the spring formal and it’s TONIGHT!

8When they’re supposed to be awake but you haven’t heard ANY NOISE COMING FROM THEIR ROOM., $undefined

To be used in response to: Crickets, when there should be mad rustling…

9When they ask you not to tell the other parent, but something’s gone awry., $undefined

To be used in response to: Mom doesn’t really like that purple dress she wears all the time, right?

10When they experience a moment of lucidity and thank you for being the greatest parent in the whole world., $undefined

To be used in response to: I couldn’t have done it without you Mom/Dad… you’re the best… how DO you do it?

And of course, now that you can communicate to your children in the hieroglyphs of their generation, you can safely get them emoji themed toys! Which naturally, we’ve got.

For example:

1Giant Tears of Joy Emoji Beach Ball, $8.99$8.99

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2The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book, $12.99$12.99

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Challenge your brain with these unique and inventive emoji puzzles covering music, books, TV, films, sports, history and culture. You’ll have to put on your emoji thinking cap to solve them all. Put a (little round) smile on your face – in pre-emoji speak, it’s GR8!!

Walk the walk, talk the talk and ditch your ;)s for  The winky emoji - a classic of human language



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