Outdoor Family Games to Play This Summer


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Here at Wicked Uncle, we’re passionate about playtime and the incredible benefits it brings. So, when summer arrives and the sun is shining, we love nothing better than taking the fun outdoors. Stepping outside for some outdoor family games is an excellent way to make playtime an experience everyone can enjoy.

Let’s face it: we’re all trying to find ways to get our kids outside and into the fresh air more often. The best way to make this happen is to add a healthy dose of fun to the time you spend outdoors. This is where we can help. Keep reading to discover outdoor games and toys to inspire your playtime!

Our Favorite Outdoor Family Games

Hide-and-Seek Tag

This fresh spin on two classic games is sure to get the kids burning off some energy! Just like normal hide-and-seek, one person is the seeker, and the other players need to hide. Here’s where it gets interesting! When the seeker finds a player, they have the opportunity to escape. The game then turns into a game of tag as the seeker tries to catch the player. If the player gets tagged, they become the seeker.

Shark Attack!

The whole family can join in with this exciting game. First, you need to choose one person to be the shark. All the other players will be minnows. The shark then stands in the middle of the play area and the minnows stand in a line facing the shark.

The minnows must walk slowly forward one step at a time. The shark will then call: “little fishies come out to play,” and try to catch the minnows. The object of the game is for the minnows to make it past the shark into a safe area without being caught. When a minnow is caught, they become seaweed and must stand still in the play area. The last minnow left in the game is the winner.

Simple Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a super simple way to have fun outside. The best part is all you need is some paper and a pen!

Simply grab your pen and paper and write a list of items on it. If you like, you can make it a nature-themed scavenger hunt and challenge the kids to find items already in the backyard. Examples include a green leaf, a daisy, a smooth pebble, etc.

If you prefer, you could hide objects from the house outside and write them on the list for the kids to search for. Give kids a copy of the scavenger hunt list and watch them excitedly search for all the items.

A simple scavenger hunt is perfect for younger kids, who will love the thrill of finding all the items on the list. To make it more challenging, you could set a timer.

Our Favorite Outdoor Toys

Inflatable Toss Target Practice – Two sports in one! ,  $26.99 $26.99

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Ideal for aspiring athletes!

The whole family can take turns showing off their throwing skills with the Inflatable Toss Target Practice. This fantastic 44-inch toss target has a football player on one side and a baseball player on the other side. So, you can take your pick from practicing throwing your pigskin to the football player, or pitching a home run! Sporty fun for everyone!

Ribbon Ninja – High-speed reaction game ,  $24.99 $24.99

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Fast-paced fun!

Put your speed and reactions to the test with Ribbon Ninja! This fast-paced game may be easy to play, but it’s tons of fun! Each player attaches one of the ribbons to their wrist. Then simply snatch your opponents’ ribbons before they snatch yours! The winner is the last player to be left with their ribbon still on their wrist! Do you have the ninja skills to win this speedy game?

Lawn Darts – Glow in the Dark ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Play day or night!

Lawn Darts allows you to enjoy family fun no matter what time it is! This perfect backyard game features glow in the dark darts – meaning you can play whether it’s day or night. Take turns throwing the colorful weighted darts into the target rings. Simply place the darts in the light for five minutes and they will glow for 30 minutes! Perfect for summer evenings!

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