Plan the Ultimate Family Game Night!


The idea of organising a family game night can be daunting, but never fear! With a little help from Wicked Uncle, and a bit of planning, you’ll soon be enjoying a fun evening of games with the whole family. It’s the ideal way for young and old to have fun together, as well as an affordable way of keeping the kids entertained.

You could play ‘What’s in the Bag?’ with household objects, or ’20 Questions’ using what’s around you. It’s also a great opportunity to drop in a classic joke, like:

Q: Why couldn’t the pirate play the card game?
A: Because he was sitting on the deck!

As long as there are snacks and games to play, everyone is sure to have a good time. Here are some of the key things to do when you’re planning a family game night.

Stock Up on Snacks and Drinks

Of course, no game night is complete without an array of delicious snacks to get stuck into. One of the key parts of planning any family event is to keep everyone happy with food, drinks and treats. You don’t need to go all out, nor do you need to spend a lot of money. A simple selection of popcorn, pretzels, chocolate and candy is usually enough to keep everyone happy. If you wanted to provide something a little more substantial, stock up on pizza, hot dogs and chips. They’re easy to cook and easy to eat; game in one hand, hot dog in the other!

Invite Everyone Ahead of Time

If you want to get as many people involved in your family game night as possible, start organising as far in advance as possible. This is especially important if you are inviting extended family that live elsewhere. Though there is nothing wrong with a last minute plan, you run the risk of people already being busy or having other things to do.

Have a Variety of Games Available

Some people love board games, others prefer card games. Some people love high energy and intense games, and some people prefer games that are more chilled out. To ensure your family games night goes swimmingly, have a variety of games available and make sure there’s something for everyone. This also means choosing games that everyone can get involved in. If you have children, make sure the games are easy to understand and suitable.

Use What You Already Have

Hosting a family game night doesn’t mean having to buy a whole host of new games. You can use what you already have available. Even simple card games such as ‘Snap’, ‘Go Fish’ and ‘Crazy Eights’ are a lot of fun when you get going and you are likely to already have cards to use. ‘Charades’, ’20 Questions’ and ‘What’s in the Bag?’ can all be played with what you already have at home.

It’s always fun to add a new game into the mix though, so here are our favourites:

Top Games for Family Game Night

  1. The Upside Down Challenge
  2. Stinky Pig Game – Pass Him Quickly
  3. Charades for Kids – 3 Words, 4 Syllables
  4. Scavenger Hunt – Wacky Search & Retrieve
  5. Pencil Nose – Draw With Your Snout!
  6. Kids Against Maturity – Wacky Card Game

1 The Upside Down Challenge – Very Funny! ,  $33.99 $33.99

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Turn Your World Upside Down!

Make simple tasks close to impossible with these hilarious upside down goggles. There are a whole host of drawing activities and challenges, but these goggles will make even the simplest tasks a struggle for the whole family. Compete and see who is the champion of navigating the world upside down.

2 Stinky Pig Game – Pass Him Quickly ,  $15.99 $15.99

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Pass the Pig!

If your family enjoys pass the parcel, they are sure to love passing this pig back and forth. He’s stinky and he’s going to fart, but will you be in the firing line? Avoid his tooting tokens to be the winner.

3 Charades for Kids – 3 Words, 4 Syllables ,  $15.99 $15.99

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Classic Family Fun!

Nothing says ‘family game night’ quite like charades, and this set is perfect for kids. Act out simple phrases and work together to guess what’s going on. It’s sure to get everyone giggling.

4 Scavenger Hunt – Wacky Search & Retrieve ,  $15.99 $15.99

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Ready, Set, Go!

Compete against each other to become the scavenger hunt champion, by running around finding household objects. You’ll be racing against the clock so don’t delay; the faster you are, the better!

5 Pencil Nose – Draw With Your Snout! ,  $29.99 $29.99

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No Hands Allowed!

Put your nose to good use by testing your artistic skills, without using your hands! This game is all about drawing with your snout and the whole family will be laughing in no time. Do you have any hidden drawing talents among you?

6 Kids Against Maturity – Wacky Card Game ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Immaturity Reigns Supreme!

See who’s the funniest in the family with this hilarious card game. Kids are sure to love the toilet humor, jokes and funny card combos. There are more than 500 cards and 40,000 combinations, so hours of fun are up for grabs.

Looking for more fun family games? We’ve got you covered. Visit us at Wicked Uncle to view our full games selection.



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