Retro Toys for Cool Kids


There are a lot of great toys out there and today’s kids have more choice than ever before. With developments in technology, toys have been given a whole new lease of life. There are video games and tablets, and toys that are so realistic it’s as if they are alive. However, there is no denying the appeal of toys from the past. Luckily, retro toys are making a comeback in a big way, and Wicked Uncle has something for everyone.

Retro toys as a gift are about bonding with a child or grandchild, maybe over a toy that you enjoyed when you were a similar age. These toys can transport us back to a simpler time, before cellphones and tablets became the norm.

child playing with retro toys

To help you find the ideal retro toys for your kids, we have listed some of our top offerings. There is something for children of all ages. Will your little one love Pop Up Pirate, or is a throwback gaming console more their thing? Whether you are buying for a birthday or simply as a treat, these toys from the 80s and 90s are perfect.

Great Retro Toys for Today’s Kids

  1. Throwback Pocket Video Game Console
  2. Pop Up Pirate
  3. Speak & Spell – Classic Spelling Fun
  4. Instant Tabletop Air Hockey – Hover Puck Set
  5. Cat’s Cradle – Made Easy!
  6. Labyrinth – Classic Game of Skill
  7. Rootbeer Brewing Kit

1 Throwback Pocket Video Console ,  $29.99 $29.99

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Enjoy the Golden Age of Gaming

With this video game console, you can enjoy some of the top games from decades past – wherever you are! It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and fun enough that you will want to take it everywhere.

2 Pop Up Pirate ,  $17.99 $17.99

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It’s a Barrel of Laughs!

We couldn’t have a list of retro toys without mentioning Pop Up Pirate, as it’s a classic! Take it in turns sliding swords into a barrel, trying your hardest not to send a pirate flying out. It’s tense, and Pop Up Pirate is sure to keep you on your toes.

3 Speak & Spell – Classic Spelling Fun ,  $45.99 $45.99

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Spelling Made Simple!

Sometimes, it’s good to go back to basics, and that’s exactly what Speak & Spell does. It’s a classic, fun and simply spelling game. With a variety of levels and difficulties, kids are sure to enjoy this retro way of learning to spell.

4 Instant Tabletop Air Hockey – Hover Puck Set ,  $11.99 $11.99

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Show Off Your Skills!

Transform any surface into an air hockey battle with this instant game. It might be retro, but air hockey is just as fun as it’s always been. Play against your opponent and battle it out to become the ultimate hockey champion.

5 Cats Cradle – Made Easy! ,  $12.99 $12.99

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A Purr-fect Game!

It’s a game that multiple generations have enjoyed, and now Cats Cradle is back once again! This easy-to-follow set makes Cats Cradle a simple game to master. There are six figures to enjoy, and you are sure be an expert in no time.

6 Labyrinth – Classic Wooden Game of Skill ,  $39.99 $39.99

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Can you get the ball through the tilting labyrinth?

Guide your ball safely through a mazy 60-hole course of perilous pitfalls without dropping in the holes. This tricky challenge is utterly compelling and a great game for the whole family to try!

7 Root Beer Brewing Set ,  $23.99 $23.99

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Everything you need to brew root beer at home!

Made in the USA, this fantastic kit has all the natural ingredients you need to make up to two gallons of delicious, old fashioned, naturally carbonated root beer in soda bottles found in your kitchen – simple! This fun set also includes a funnel, labels and a full set of easy to follow instructions. Easy, fun and educational – make a true home brew!

Looking for something more traditional? Check out our selection of Wooden Toys.



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