Super Fun Scientific Gifts For At-Home Learning


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Looking for some fresh new ways to reinforce STEM concepts outside of school? You need our ultimate list of super fun scientific gifts for at-home learning! From chemistry kits and biology learning aids to wacky experiment sets, here are our top picks!

Top 10 Scientific Gifts:

  1. That’s Gross Science Lab
  2. Candy Science
  3. Optical Science Lab – Junior Inventor
  4. Edible Chemistry Kit
  5. Kidzlab Kitchen Science
  6. Clean Water Science
  7. Candy Chemistry
  8. Solar Balloon
  9. The Human Body Science Kit
  10. My First Microscope

1That’s Gross Science Lab, $24.99$24.99

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Yucky, funny science!

Looking for something to make at-home learning a little wackier? You need this kit, which comes with 26 outrageously fun experiments. Use the disgustingly cool motorized toilet bowl mixer to blend common kitchen ingredients and cause chemical reactions. Have lots of hilarious fun making sick concoctions like Electric Sludge and Popping Poo. Comes complete with a full-color, 24-page book brimming with chemistry facts and simple instructions for gooey experiments. 

2Candy Science, $22.99$22.99

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Sweet, sweet learning

This super-sweet science set contains everything you need to make 36 yummy jelly beans in four fabulous flavors: strawberry, banana, raspberry, and green apple! But it’s not just jelly beans—the easy-to-follow 32-page guide also shows you how to make marshmallows and edible slime. Perfect for the scientist with a sweet tooth!

3Optical Science Lab – Junior Inventor, $37.99$37.99

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Seeing is believing

Know a kid who loves optical illusions? They’ll love this set, which contains 54 pieces you need to conduct eight marvelous optical experiments. Build a 3D viewer, a rotating kaleidoscope, a cone illusion, and even an infinity mirror! The tools and pieces are smooth with a rounded finish, making them perfect for small hands. An awesome gift for young inventors, engineers, and illusionists!

4Edible Chemistry Kit, $17.99$17.99

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A gourmet science kit

Feeling hungry? Eat your way through 16 tasty experiments with this cool at-home chemistry set. Make color-changing foaming jelly, fizzy drinks, and polymer pudding. You can even make cabbages do as they’re told. With this deliciously educational gift, you’ll be filling your tummy and expanding your mind!

5Kidzlab Kitchen Science, $14.99$14.99

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Transform your kitchen into a lab

Who knew your kitchen could be so easily transformed into a science classroom? These six specially designed fun and educational science experiments use everyday materials found in the cupboards and pantry. Generate electricity with just a lemon and a fork. Launch a rocket fuelled by baking soda and vinegar. Build a table-top volcano that erupts with bubbly ‘lava.’ Fizz, bubble, and pop your way to science fun!

6Clean Water Science, $14.99$14.99

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Wet, wonderful STEM fun

Ever wonder how we make sure that water is safe to drink? This sleek set contains everything you need to conduct fascinating water purification experiments. Build your own clever water filtration and desalination plant, and then disinfect water with solar power. Could come in handy someday!

7Candy Chemistry, $36.99$36.99

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A sweet reaction

This scrumptious set contains 25 sweet experiments. Consult the 48-page illustrated guide to learn all kinds of cool concepts, like how to make rock candy and what’s behind the chemistry of gummy bears. Once you’re done, wrap up your creations and share them with friends and family. This kit comes complete with metal molds, a candy thermometer, a dipping fork, and more special tools. Chemistry has never sounded so good!

8Solar Balloon, $17.99$17.99

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A sun-powered alternative to a kite

This clever, super-sized balloon is entirely powered by the sun. Take your 50-foot-long Solar Balloon into bright, direct sunlight on a calm, cool day, and it will begin soaring in just minutes. A fantastic way to explore science outdoors. Comes with 400 feet of string, easy-to-follow instructions, and an awesome learning guide. Just add sun!

9The Human Body Science Kit, $39.99$39.99

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Biology for beginners

This set is a brilliant gift idea for future doctors. Children will enjoy exploring the anatomy of the human body with 26 fun experiments. Examine your fingerprints, and find out about what happens to the food you eat. Test your lung capacity or build a stethoscope to listen to your own heartbeat. All experiments relate back to the human body systems, including the organs, skeleton, muscles, and circulatory system. Comes with clear and accurate illustrations. Next stop, med school!

10My First Microscope, $23.99$23.99

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Designed for little hands

Explore the mini-worlds all around us with this fully functional microscope, featuring 8x magnification. The chunky design is easy to use, and the two large rubberized eyepieces allow children to view with both eyes open. The LED light enhances the viewing of small details on the fixed stage—no slides required. A fantastic first microscope for curious young scientists!

For more great educational gifts for kids, check out our website!

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