Super Gifts for Super Kids for the Super Bowl


On Sunday, February 2nd, football fans all over the country will gather to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers go head-to-head in Super Bowl LIV. For smaller fans who aren’t quite ready for the gridiron yet, we’ve put together a selection of great kid’s gifts for the Super Bowl:

  1. Squish Football
  2. Nerf Vortex Aero Howler
  3. Dart Ball
  4. Waboba Street Ball
  5. Ultra Dash
  6. Ukick
  7. Dodgetag
  8. Waboba Wingman
  9. Kid Athletes
  10. Nightzone Bolt Light Up Football

1Squish Football, $14.99$14.99

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It’s the perfect first football for barely capable hands! Turn your toddler into a touchdown-scoring maniac. It’s easy to throw, easy to catch, and it’s got enlarged ridges for grasping and spiraling. And it won’t necessarily break too many things if you throw it around inside! And it’s MUCH cheaper than a Super Bowl ticket.

2Nerf Vortex Aero Howler, $21.99$21.99

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If you’ve already got dexterous little superstars, you’ll need to level up. Gain yardage, so to speak. We’re talking about the howler. It’s got a hand grip so you can target your passes better before moving on to that NFL-grade pigskin. The long distance tail sends it flying much further, up to 100 yards! AND IT WHISTLES AS IT SOARS!

3Dart Ball, $29.99$29.99

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To build an army of football champions, you’ve got train these kids on their micro skills. It’s one thing to be the biggest and the strongest – but aim? Power? Precision? You need the Dart Ball. It uses coveted dart ball science – like an advanced archery plus badminton plus regular old darts. For those LESS enthusiastic about football than the rest of the known world, this set might be the perfect tangential introduction!

4Waboba Street Ball, $6.99$6.99

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And finally… again from the sidelines, for the stubborn kids allergic to that conical football shape, trick ‘em into loving sports with the Waboba Street Ball. It’s got a crazy uncontrollable bounce that will help them with hand-eye coordination, and it’s a gateway ball! Once a kid gets a taste for playing catch, it’s only a couple more yards to a tight spiral and a signature TD dance. Get started and watch your masterplan unfold…

5Ultra Dash, $27.99$27.99

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It’s time to start working on those run times, so start with Ultra Dash, the ultimate family racing game. Indoors or out, race against time to match the flashing colors on the baton with the coordinating target. It’s a game of racing, juking and jiving that will have your little one ready for the field!

6Ukick, $9.99$9.99

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Keep those young NFL hopefuls on their toes with this fun game of balance and agility. The Ukick fuses elements of badminton, street soccer and freestyle. Use feet, hands, or any part of your body to keep the Ukick in the air and off the ground. The more weights you add, the quicker it flies and the more difficult the challenge becomes. Get some exercise and look cool doing it!

7Dodgetag, $19.99$19.99

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Give kids a taste of friendly–and in this case, soft–competition with Dodgetag. It comes with two Velcro bibs and 4 soft balls. Throw the balls at the circular target and if they stick, it’s a win! Great to teach kids the value of competition and also how to dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge, all skills they’ll need out on the gridiron.

8Waboba Wingman, $5.99$5.99

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This brilliant little silicone disc is perfect for learning to keep your eyes on the prize. The soft silicone folds up and fits in your pocket, and the aerodynamic design means that it will fly straight up to 40 yards–great for young receivers learning how to go after a long toss.

9Kid Athletes, $9.99$9.99

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Before they were grand-slamming and slam-dunking, they were kids fighting off their bullies and taking dance classes because their parents made them. With adorable cartoon illustrations of more than 15 different beloved athletes, this book is a powerful reminder that even the greatest legends of all time had to go through the same childhood frustrations and growing pains that we do!

10Nightzone Bolt Light-Up Football, $29.99$29.99

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This traditional foam football features a cool LED strip that lights up with the push of a button. The textured exterior means that even small hands can throw perfect spirals and make that big catch. So switch on the electric green light, head outside, and make those Super Bowl dreams come true, even after the sun has set!

And just in case you thought we weren’t serious enough about football, some Wicked Uncle jokes:

Q: Why did the football coach go to the bank?

A: To get his quarterback.

Q: Which football player wears the biggest helmet?

A: The one with the biggest head.



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