The Best Educational Toys And Games For 5 Year Olds


Five year olds love having fun, but they’re also eager to learn. Luckily, it’s easy to have the best of both worlds! From STEM gadgets to gardening kits to storytelling helpers, we’ve got tons of ways to laugh and learn! Here’s our ultimate list of the best educational toys and games for 5 year olds.

Top Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Talking Microscope
  2. 6 Foot Giant Piano Mat
  3. Smartmax Power Vehicles – Magnetic Construction Kit
  4. Wildlife Slideshow Flashlight
  5. Wilderness Binos
  6. Little Feminist – 4 Gift Book Set
  7. Code Hopper for Kids
  8. Imagidice
  9. Magical Cottage
  10. World Map in the Tub

1Talking Microscope, $49.99$49.99

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Science really speaks to me…

Know a child who loves science? This brilliant first microscope features a 5x focusing magnifier with a light and a chunky focusing knob, ideal for tiny hands. Take an up-close look at one of the 20 prepared slides. Press the buttons, and the microscope, voiced by Bindi Irwin, speaks! Listen carefully to learn 100 fun facts. Best of all, there’s a quiz mode! Better start studying!

26 Foot Giant Piano Mat, $53.99$53.99

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Musical magic

Mini virtuosos will love this colorful piano mat! The 24 keys light up when kids step on them–amazing! Compose original music with the eight different instrument sounds, or play along with one of ten preloaded songs, including Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday. This educational toy was designed by music teachers, so it’s sure to both inspire and educate.

3Smartmax Power Vehicles – Magnetic Construction Kit, $38.49$38.49

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Instant attraction

This awesome 26-piece set introduces children to the magic of magnetism! Use the magnetic rods to build all sorts of cool vehicles, including a firetruck and a forklift. The instruction booklet provides all the guidance you’ll need! Just click the wheels, scoops, and other attachments onto the bars, and bam! Some amazingly cool cars!

4Wildlife Slide Show Flashlight, $5.99$5.99

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Safari silliness

Giraffes, elephants, alligators, oh my! Bring the safari to your living room with this fun gadget. The flashlight comes with three slide discs featuring 24 high-quality, full-color photos of animals. Take out the slides, and this device doubles as a regular flashlight. Go on a spectacular adventure through nature–from your couch!

5Wilderness Binos, $19.99$19.99

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Seeing is believing

Exploration awaits with these good-looking binoculars! Gaze upon the local sights, up to 100 yards away. These sweet specs come with a carrying case, a strap, and a cleaning cloth. Best of all, they’re kid-sized: four inches long, lightweight, easy to adjust, and wrapped with rubber armor to protect against damage!

6Little Feminists – 4 Book Gift Set, $14.99$14.99

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Girl power!

This set of four board books features adorable, engaging illustrations and totally fascinating facts about 16 of the most inspiring women from around the globe. Young feminists will love learning all about the great women of history, from artists to leaders to activists to trail-blazing pioneers. A great gift for literary kids and history buffs!

7Code Hopper for Kids, $25.99$25.99

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Jump into coding fun!

Learn the fundamentals of computer coding with this awesome twist on hopscotch. Create your own course with each colorful mat providing a different command. Follow the pattern until you reach the end. With funny commands like “jump in the air” and “kick a leg,” this game functions as a build-your-own-adventure, real-life computer program. A great gift for active kids and aspiring computer geniuses!

8Imagidice, $11.99$11.99

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Give the gift of storytelling

Young novelists and screenwriters will get a kick out of this cool toy! Roll the 12 Imagidice and draw inspiration from the face-up images, including everything from a lightbulb to a mushroom. Invent your own wild, fabulous tales–over 10 million possibilities! These fantastic dice offer hours of imaginative fun for all ages. Who knows? They might just inspire your little one to create the next great American masterpiece!

9Magical Cottage, $29.99$29.99

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Grow, design, and learn

Little designers and gardeners will have a blast with this creative kit! Build an enchanted mini cottage and a beautiful rooftop garden for the fairy, Freya. The kit comes with four different garden tools, a sparkly cottage, real grass seed, chairs, and tiki torches. A sparkly, magical DIY adventure!

10World Map in the Tub, $15.99$15.99

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Bathtime geography lesson

Bring some brainy fun to bathtime! This bright, colorful world map consists of puzzle pieces that float in the tub and stick to tiles. The kit comes with a handy mesh storage bag to make post-bath tidying easy-peasy! The simplified map features the names of the continents in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. Each continent also contains illustrations of animals and famous landmarks. Now that’s some world-class entertainment!

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