The Best STEM Toys for Ages 9 and 10


What are STEM Toys?

S.T.E.M.: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – our guide to the best toys for kids ages 9 and 10 who love STEM in all its forms.

Science and technology is fascinating to children. How do we know? Because we’ve all been asked by a child how something works, and stumbled when that child wasn’t satisfied with even the 7th level of answers.

That’s why it’s really important to encourage this love for learning by providing them with quality educational toys they can fully engage with. STEM toys that allow kids to experiment with ideas and concepts in order to develop their skills are very useful, but they have to be fun, too! Which is why our guide to the best STEM toys for 9–10 year olds features:

  1. Interactive Glow T-shirt
  2. Ultralight Airplanes
  3. Mega Cyborg Hand – Build Your Own
  4. Archi.Tech Smart House
  5. Tiny Robots – 15 Cool Motorized Builds
  6. SmartCore 6 – Build Your Own RC Vehicles
  7. Edible Chemistry Kit – 16 yummy experiments!
  8. Doodling Robot 4M STEAM

1Interactive Glow T-shirt, $22.99$22.99

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Mixing technology with style, these epic Glow T-shirts are guaranteed to impress any 9–10 year old. Complete with a UV laser pen, this smart interactive t-shirt will glow in the dark for five minutes for each seperate design and will then completely disappear, allowing you to draw again and again! A unique gift that will spark endless creativity!

2Ultralight Airplanes, $21.95$21.95

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Aerospace engineering is a wide and fascinating STEM discipline, so why not start your little ones young? Building model airplanes has been popular since the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk, and now your STEM student can follow in their footsteps with this fun and easy kit.

3Mega Cyborg Hand – Build Your Own, $49.99$49.99

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Build an awesome, functional cyborg hand using this DIY kit. Using the 203 pieces and the easy-to-follow full-color manual, assemble the hand, then use hydraulic power to make it move. Simply fill the piston tubes with water and fit the cyborg hand over your own hand like a glove, and watch it simulate your movements – no batteries required! Challenge yourself to pick up items with the mechanical fingers. A super cool way for 9 and 10-year-olds to learn about robotics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

4Archi.Tech Smart House, $49.99$49.99

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This is another fantastic gift idea for a tech loving almost-tween. Build your own electronic smart house using this super-cool kit – complete with 20 electronic experiments. Inspire the future architect to design structures with amazing features such as pulley-operated trap doors, an elevator or even a house-to-house tramway! This is THE ultimate STEM project!

5Tiny Robots – 15 Cool Motorized Builds, $21.99$21.99

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Inspire future engineers with this great mini robotics kit that shows you how to design and build 15 motorized machines using real mechanical parts. Learn about gears, axles, movement and balance by reading the easy to follow instructions, and then use the 26 pieces to build robots that that walk, roll, crawl and spin. Use your imagination with the mix and match pieces and build your own robotic creations. Fantastic!

7SmartCore 6 – Build Your Own RC Vehicles, $91.95$91.95

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Build and operate 6 different land and air remote control vehicles with this impressive kit. The magic is in the design of the SmartCore Module, which uses a patented algorithm to evaluate the best way to control each vehicle. With 44 easy to snap together parts, this set is perfect for teaching STEM principals associated with physics, aerodynamics, and electronics whilst also creating your very own Gyrobot or Drone to take over the land and skies!

9Edible Chemistry Kit – 16 yummy experiments!, $17.99$17.99

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For a fun, interactive way to learn about chemistry, this tasty set will go down a treat. Kids can conduct 16 edible experiments such as making color changing foaming jelly, fizzy drinks and polymer pudding. Using the easy-to-follow instructions, put on your lab coat and start experimenting!

10Doodling Robot 4M STEAM, $18.99$18.99

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For the artistically inclined mini scientist, this kit is a really fun way to learn about engineering. It contains everything you need to make a robot that you can affix pens to and watch it create pictures. Adjust the angle and height of the pens and make the robot shake and spin across the paper to draw patterns. Remove the pens and you have a smart robot that will glide over smooth surfaces. Cool!

And what a future that will look like, huh? With these choices of the best STEM toys for children aged 9 and 10, it looks just a little brighter.

STEM is a big concept — sometimes we think kids won’t be able to understand the complexities involved, but that just isn’t true! Especially at the 9–10 age range, where foundational learning starts and pivotal choices are made about children’s interests.

Speaking of children’s interests, here are a few of our favorite science and math jokes to get a little smile or a big eye-roll:

Q: How can you make the number seven even?

A: Take the ‘s’ out.

I just saw my math teacher with some graph paper. He must be plotting something.

Q: Why is a math book depressed.

A: Because it’s got so many problems.

Teen 1: Did you hear oxygen and magnesium go together?

Teen 2: OMG!!!

Happy STEM-ing, from the Wicked Uncle Science and Math Team!

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