The Ultimate List of Gifts Under $25


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Looking for some cool toys and games to meet your budget? With a little help from our expert panel of children, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Christmas gifts under $25. From creative kits and spy glasses to awesome bedroom decor, here are our top picks this holiday season. And don’t forget: we can gift-wrap and send direct!

Top Tried & Tested Gifts

  1. Maxx Spy Night Vision Glasses
  2. Glow Art
  3. Light Up Bubbleizer
  4. Illuminated LED Gloves
  5. Stinky Pig Game
  6. Origami Flower Lights
  7. Amazing Magic Pens
  8. Charades for Kids
  9. Home Decorator Pillowcase
  10. Pindaloo

1Maxx Spy Night Vision Glasses, $13.99$13.99

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Mission Impossible!

Your mission should you choose to accept it… Set your child on their very own mission impossible with these awesome light up goggles. These spy glasses come with green tinted lenses for enhanced night vision and bright LED light beams, perfect for night-time adventures! They will fit any head size as they come with adjustable velcro straps, so even the adults can have a go. Perfect for sneaking to the refrigerator!

2Glow Art, $23.99$23.99

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Be inspired this holiday season

This festive light-up drawing board makes a great gift for artistic kids! Draw original masterpieces, or use the built-in stand features and see-through screen to trace your favorite pictures. Turn the frame on, and then watch as the lights illuminate in 36 different ways and colors, bringing your artwork to life with a neon glow effect. Wipe clean with a dry cloth to start all over again. Brilliant!

3Light Up Bubbleizer, $13.99$13.99

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A pop-ular choice this Christmas

Bubbles are one of the simplest, most classic ways for kids to have fun. This awesome bubble machine blows thousands of bubbles and lights them up as they stream out. The machine features a transparent body, so you can even watch the bubbles being made! Complete with bubble liquid, this toy is fantastically portable. Fun any time, anywhere!

4Illuminated LED Gloves, $20.50$20.50

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Dancing around the Christmas tree

In search of the perfect gift for a little party animal? Help them make Christmas even brighter with these cool gloves! The gloves are easy to operate, comfortable, and strong. They feature three different colored lights — red, green, and blue. Put on your favorite Christmas songs and make your fingers dance around the tree. Mesmerizing!

5Stinky Pig Game, $13.99$13.99

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Silly children will not be able to stop laughing with this brilliant twist on Hot Potato. Press on Stinky Pig’s belly to make him sing, and then roll the dice to see which way to pass him. Pass him left or right or roll again, but whatever you do, do it quickly! After all, you don’t want to be the one holding Stinky Pig when he randomly farts! Easy to play, and endlessly entertaining!

6Origami Flower Lights, $19.99$19.99

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Creativity in a kit

Creative kids can make stunning decorations for their bedroom with this beautiful kit. Follow the simple instructions to fold the patterned sheets of origami paper into bees, ladybugs, and flowers. Add them to the string of lights and hang them across your wall or window. A wonderful craft set certain to brighten up any bedroom!

7Amazing Magic Pens, $19.99$19.99

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Create your own Christmas magic

This one makes an excellent gift for kids who love jotting notes, drawing pictures, or writing in their journals. The set of 25 Marvin’s Magic Pens includes color-changing markers, invisible markers, and so much more! Built with durable, shock-proof tips, these magic pens will provide endless hours of entertainment. Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

8Charades for Kids, $19.99$19.99

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Act it out

We all know that board games are a classic Christmas gift! But did you know that everyone’s favorite guess-the-gesture party game now comes in a simplified version for kids? With 450 charades to choose from, there’s an act for everyone, from Hula Hoop to Cell Phone to Flowers and Hanging a Picture. Just a pick a card, flip the timer, and get guessing!

9Home Decorator Pillowcase, $19.95$19.95

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Color a show home masterpiece!

With this fun pack, kids can create a home decor masterpiece that will stand out in any bedroom. The pillowcase already captures an intricate home design, which you can then color in and doodle on with 10 wash out pens. When you want a different design, then simply machine wash the pillowcase and you’re ready to doodle all over again. Sure to encourage sweet dreams!

10Pindaloo, $24.99$24.99

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Get in the loop!

Pindaloo makes a great Christmas gift — it’s easy to learn and fun for the whole family! Just loop the ball from one side of the tube to the other. But don’t get complacent — it’s actually much trickier than it sounds. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon be looping and doing all sorts of cool tricks. Can be played indoors or outdoors, and even in the swimming pool once summer arrives. A wonderful choice for year-round shenanigans!

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