Top 10 Creative Art Gifts for Boys


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Art sets are a fantastic way to inspire creativity, develop fine motor skills, and build imagination. They also make great gifts for boys! From color-changing pens and cool creativity kits to art-themed games, here’s our list of the top 10 creative art gifts for boys!

Top 10 Art Gifts for Boys:

  1. Neon Effect Message Frame
  2. Amazing Magic Pens
  3. World Map Pillowcase
  4. The Boys’ Doodle Book
  5. Make Your Own Lego Movie
  6. DIY Robots
  7. Play Foam 20 Pack
  8. Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse
  9. Pottery Wheel and Kit – For Beginners
  10. Artist’s Creative Challenges Box

1Neon Effect Message Frame, $28.99$28.99

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A brilliant gift idea!

Boys will love this cool dry-erase drawing toy, which allows for endless fun. Use the vibrant neon pens to scrawl notes, doodle, or draw. Display your incredible creations by hanging the frame on the wall or standing it on a flat surface. Switch the frame on and watch in awe as it illuminates with a neon glow effect. Dazzling!

2Amazing Magic Pens, $19.99$19.99

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Make the magic happen…

Looking for a unique gift for a boy who loves drawing and coloring? He’ll love this awesome set of 25 pens from Marvin’s Magic. Create visual masterpieces with marker pens that can change color, erase color, and even write invisible messages. The pens are highly durable, with shock-proof tips, meaning the creative fun can go on and on…

3World Map Pillowcase, $19.95$19.95

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A colorful adventure

Geography whizzes and world travelers: this one’s for you! This color-it-yourself, soft cotton pillowcase features a brilliant world map design, brimming with wild animals, exotic sea creatures, and fun facts. The clever craft pack also comes with ten bright wash-out pens so you can color, wash, and color again. Geography homework has never been this much fun!

4The Boys’ Doodle Book, $12.99$12.99

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A treasure trove of fun

This incredible doodle book is brimming with more than 100 activities and creative prompts to challenge the mind and build the imagination. Draw a pirate, build a rollercoaster, and dream up a terrifying monster… Best of all, the perforated pages allow you to tear out your creations and put them on display. Clever!

5Make Your Own Lego Movie, $24.99$24.99

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For aspiring film makers!

This brilliant mini movie set is a perfect gift idea for future film makers! It includes mini figure lego actors, foldout paper backgrounds and props, plus a 78 page booklet, a storybook template and a paper clapperboard. Simply use a phone or tablet to download the app, and then get directing your own stop motion movie! The lego faces and bodies can be mixed and matched to make new characters, and full creative control can be taken over plot, lighting and camera angles – there is no limit. ACTION!

6DIY Robots, $34.99$34.99

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Mix and match robots

Build three cool robots with this set, which includes 53 wooden robot parts and a handy screwdriver. The 6″ robots can be put together and taken apart in many different ways – just use your imagination to think up new robot designs! And if you’re feeling less creative, just follow the illustrated instructions. Then have fun rolling them along on their rubber lined wheels!

7Play Foam 20 Pack, $23.99$23.99

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Mess-free fun

Get creative without any mess with this amazing play foam. Each box contains twenty pods with eight colors that kids can mix and shape. This foam doesn’t stick to hands, clothes, or the carpet, making it a parents’ favorite pick. It can also be used again and again, as it doesn’t dry out. No hassle–just creativity!

8Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse, $14.99$14.99

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You’re in for a tweet

Builders, DIYers, and future engineers will have fantastic fun with this wooden birdhouse project. Assemble the walls, floor, and roof pieces with the included glue and nails, paint, and then hang your stunning creation in the backyard or on the front porch. Now, get ready for some birdwatching!

9Pottery Wheel and Kit – For Beginners, $79.99$79.99

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A totally unique gift idea

This dual-speed motorized pottery wheel allows you to create your very own ceramic works of art! Comes complete with handy air dry clay, potter’s finishing tools, and paints. This amazing set also comes with a set-up guide and illustrated instructions. Boys can craft a flower vase as a gift for mom, a fruit bowl to spruce up the kitchen, or even dream up a brand new creation! Pottery possibilities abound!

10Artist’s Creative Challenges Box, $19.99$19.99

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Art school in a box

This creative set contains seven artistic suggestions to launch aspiring artists on a creative journey. For example, the first challenge prompts the artist to create a mobile and asks questions to encourage creative thinking like: How will you attach things? Will it be colorful? Abstract? Traditional? Whimsical? The box also comes with supplies like tissue paper, embroidery thread, pom poms, feathers, and more – fun!

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