Top Light Up Toys For Kids


In search of some bright ideas for clever gifts that children will love? You need our ultimate list of the top light-up toys for kids! From cool craft kits and brilliant bubble machines to some truly unique fashion accessories, here are all of our favorites.

Top Light-Up Toys:

  1. Jellyfish Tank Moodlight
  2. Light Up Bubbleizer
  3. Origami Flower Lights
  4. Neon Effect Message Frame
  5. Maxx Spy Night Vision Glasses
  6. T-Rex Head Lamp
  7. Interactive Glow T-Shirt
  8. Flashing LED Baseball Cap
  9. Red Mini Hornit

1Jellyfish Tank Moodlight, $26.99$26.99

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A cool piece of bedroom decor

This jellyfish lamp is a fresh new twist on the lava lamp, and it makes a great light-up gift! The rounded tank contains two amazingly lifelike jellyfish that swim and glide around as the mood light changes color. A fantastic addition to any nightstand, desk, or bookshelf, and much, much easier to care for than a goldfish!

2Light Up Bubbleizer, $13.99$13.99

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Bubbles for days…

Know a kid who loves bubbles? They’ll love this brilliant bubble machine, which blows thousands of bubbles. Most impressive of all, the bubble gun lights up as the bubbles stream out, creating a stunning light show. The set comes complete with bubble liquid, so you can start the show right away. Absolutely mesmerizing!

3Origami Flower Lights, $17.99$17.99

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Fold your own

Looking for a hands-on gift idea? This gorgeous DIY kit has everything children need to make beautiful bedroom decorations. Just follow the easy instructions to learn how to fold patterned sheets of origami paper into ladybugs, bees, and flowers. Add your creations to the string of lights and hang them across your window or wall. Sure to brighten up any room of the house!

4Neon Effect Message Frame, $28.99$28.99

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Make some mesmerizing masterpieces!

This brilliant light-up drawing board allows kids to create neon masterpieces. Use the vibrant marker pens to jot down notes, doodle, or draw. Display your artwork by hanging the frame on the wall or standing it up on any flat surface. Switch on the frame and watch your masterpiece come to life with a neon glow effect. When inspiration strikes again, just wipe clean with a dry cloth and start all over. An amazing choice for budding artists!

5Maxx Spy Night Vision Glasses, $13.99$13.99

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A great gift for spy kids

Do you have a future secret agent in the family? They need these brilliant light-up spy goggles! The tinted green lenses enhance night vision while the directional beams of LED light leave both hands free to explore. The adjustable velcro straps mean they’ll fit heads of all sizes. Truly the ultimate spying accessory…also useful for late-night trips to the fridge!

7Interactive Glow T-Shirt, $22.99$22.99

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Stand out from the crowd

Light up the night with this incredible interactive t-shirt! Use the included UV laser pen to express yourself on the glow canvas panel on the front of the shirt. Each word, picture, or design lasts about five minutes before it fades away, just in time for inspiration to strike again. A perfect gift for fashion-forward boys and girls. Also a great conversation piece at parties and sleepovers!

8Flashing LED Baseball Cap, $15.00$15.00

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Hats off to you!

Become the life of any party with this unique light-up baseball cap. Flick the switch, conveniently located on the side of the cap, and watch the electric blue LED strip illuminate. Choose a setting based on your mood or the party’s vibe: fast flashing, slow flashing, constantly on, or constantly off. The ultimate fashion accessory for party animals!

9Red Mini Hornit, $28.99$28.99

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Mini horn, big fun

Ding ding! Have you heard? The Mini Hornit is the coolest piece of gear for bikers and scooter-riders! This durable, waterproof horn not only lights up with green and white lights, but it also comes loaded with 25 awesome sound effects. Try out a horse’s neigh, a lion’s roar, or even a UFO. Of course, traditionalists might prefer the old-fashioned bike bell sound effect. Attaches easily to the handlebars of any bike or scooter. Fantastic fun!

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