Top Toys For Future Ballerinas!


Looking for some brilliant, unique gift ideas for girls who love dancing? You’re in luck because we’ve compiled the ultimate dancers’ wish list. From musical fun and crafty backdrops to dance-friendly fashion accessories, here’s our list of the top toys for future ballerinas!

Top 10 Toys for Future Ballerinas:

  1. 6 Foot Giant Piano Play Mat
  2. Pink Glitter Ear Buds
  3. Big Box of Stencils
  4. Charades for Kids
  5. Origami Flower Lights
  6. Hop, Skip & Funk – Six Odd Socks
  7. Pop-Up Princess Castle
  8. Amazing Me! For Girls
  9. My First Camera
  10. Sassy Sequins Slap Watch

16 Foot Giant Piano Play Mat, $56.99$56.99

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A dancer’s dream accompaniment

Music and dance go hand-in-hand, so this giant piano mat makes an awesome gift for young ballerinas. The giant mat comes loaded with ten well-known songs to play and dance along to, and the 24 keys light up when stepped on. Dancers can also create their own compositions with the eight instrument sounds. Hours of active, musical fun await!

2Pink Glitter Ear Buds, $27.99$27.99

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The coolest accessory for prima ballerinas

Want to rehearse quietly? Dance to your own beat with these stylish ear buds! Packaged in a gorgeous glittery charging case (for 2-3 hours of continuous music), these wireless buds are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Connect to your phone or tablet, put on your tutu, and get grooving! 

3Big Box of Stencils, $15.99$15.99

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An awesome art project for dancers

Kids with a flair for the fine arts will love this cool craft kit! This box is packed with colored pencils, paper and over 150 stencil shapes, from ballerinas and princesses to flowers and fairies. Decorate your bedroom, make gifts for ballet classmates, or create stunning backdrops for at-home dance recitals. Creativity knows no bounds!

4Charades for Kids, $19.99$19.99

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Express yourself

Practice expressions and physical movement with this classic party game, now completely revamped for kids! Use your body to act out all 450 of the charades cards, from Hula Hoop to Flowers to Hanging a Picture. Remember, no speaking! If you think you’re up to the challenge, just pick a card, start the timer, and get moving!

5Origami Flower Lights, $17.99$17.99

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Decorate your at-home stage

Create stunning backdrops for your at-home dance shows with this beautiful DIY kit. Follow the simple instructions to fold the patterned sheets of origami paper into bees, ladybugs, and flowers. Add them to the string of lights and drape them across your home “stage.” Certain to make any tiny dancer feel like she is dancing in a professional production!

6Hop, Skip & Funk – Six Odd Socks, $17.99$17.99

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Move those feet!

Dancers know the important role of feet, and that’s why these socks are a fabulous fashion choice for future ballerinas! Hop, skip, and funk in six mismatched socks that create 15 different pair combinations. Cut loose with the bright colors and eye-catching heart, flower, and apple patterns. Perfect for post-class wear, parties, and at-home fun!

7Pop-Up Princess Castle, $22.99$22.99

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A ballerina’s retreat

All little ballerinas need somewhere tranquil to relax and unwind! This gorgeous, easy-to-assemble pop-up play tent does the job, with glow-in-the-dark stars that transform any play area into a magical escape. Of course, this tent also makes a great set-piece or prop for living room dance performances! And when playtime is over, the tent folds flat for easy storage. A dream come true!

8Amazing Me! For Girls, $9.99$9.99

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An inspiring book for active girls

Active young dancers can record their feats of strength and wit with this journal, which also contains 350 awesome challenges. See how many pennies you can stack while blindfolded or how many times you can say, “Silly Sally slurps sofa slowly,” without a mistake. Compare your achievements with the included wacky facts and world records. Comes complete with stickers and press-out rewards — a fun way to build confidence, discipline, and work ethic!

9My First Camera, $26.99$26.99

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Dance photography, coming right up!

Need a camera to record rehearsals and performances? This stylish, durable camera not only looks like it’s made for future ballerinas but it also takes high-resolution photos and videos. The camera comes with a two-inch LCD screen, built-in speaker, 4 GB memory card, and USB download and charging functions. A perfect first camera, and a wonderful way to preserve precious memories!

10Sassy Sequins Slap Watch, $19.99$19.99

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The ultimate fashion accessory for dancers

Fashion-forward dancers will love this modern, stylish slap watch. This colorful, showstopping accessory is made with a quality analog quartz movement and a high-gloss, durable finish. Best of all, there’s no buckle, making it safer for physical activity—just slap the watch on your wrist and go! The strap features a colorful, funky sequin design, and it’s also interchangeable, making it perfect for girls who love a costume change!

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