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Here at Wicked Uncle, we’re passionate about playtime. Toys are our thing, and we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about them. This means we’ve got our finger firmly on the pulse of all the latest trending toys for 2024. So, if there’s something happening in the world of toys, you can be sure we know all about it.

Many toys remain firm favorites forever. But just like fashion, toy trends can change each year. 2024 is set to be an exciting time for toys, with some fantastically fun trends emerging. So, let’s take a look at what our friends over at the Toy Association have predicted will be big news this year.

Eco friendly toys

Eco-Lasting Play

With a growing number of us becoming environmentally aware it makes sense that eco toys are big news in 2024.

This trend for eco-friendly playtime embraces toys that are durable and designed to stand the test of time. These are toys that will be played with again and again and passed down through generations.

Eco toys don’t get much better than the Wooden Dino Garage which will offer years of roarsome fun for little ones and is made from FSC-certified wood. But wooden toys aren’t just for little ones. Big kids can get in on the eco toy trend with the riveting DIY Robots set.

Eerie magical toys

Eerie Enchantment

Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Wednesday, and all things mystical have captured the imaginations of kids, both big and small, in recent years. Now, the trend for all things creepy and kooky has made its way into the toy world. Budding wizards and witches will love receiving a magical gift to satisfy their fascination for all things spooky.

Looking for some eerie toy inspiration? Toys such as the Wandini Magic LED Levitation Wand and the Hogwarts Castle make perfect presents for spooky playtimes.  

Holistic outdoor play

Holistic Play

The battle to get kids off their screens and out into the fresh air is something almost all parents face. But the 2024 trend for holistic play is here to help! With a focus on learning through play and getting outdoors and active, this is a toy trend parents will love.

As the Paris Olympics fast approach, it’s the perfect time to stock up on those outdoor toys and get kids moving. Check out our new in Orbit Light-Up Skipping Ball, which adds a colorful twist on a 90s classic. Or, how about treating your own future MVP to a Squish Football and host a big game in your backyard?

Anime Mania

Anime has exploded in popularity recently, with tweens, teens, and adults all on board with the trend. Cartoons, films, books, clothing, and merchandise featuring favorite anime characters are everywhere. Studio Ghibli, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, and many more are now firmly a part of popular culture. So, it’s no surprise that anime mania has made it as one of the top toy trends for 2024.

If you’re anime-obsessed or know a kid who is, why not help them create their own anime cartoons? Choose the new in Drawing People set or encourage them to get creative with Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens?

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