Where Can I Donate Toys for Children in Need?


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For kids, toys are often their most prized possession. But as every parent knows, kids’ tastes and interests change over time. As our kids grow, trying to keep hold of every toy just isn’t practical. So, what should you do with the toys your kids no longer play with? Well, if you’re in the process of decluttering and have some pre-loved toys that your kids no longer use, why not pass them on and donate them to another child?

Donating toys is so important, but you may be wondering where can I donate toys? Keep reading to find out why donating toys matters and where you can donate them.

Why Donate Toys for Children in Need?

Share the Fun

Toys exist to be loved and played with. They’re designed to keep kids entertained, spark their imagination and encourage curiosity. Toys are valuable in so many ways, whether it’s supporting your child’s learning and development or simply providing them with many hours of enjoyment. So, passing on your kid’s toys when they no longer use them can provide all of this enrichment and entertainment to another child.

Protect the Planet

Protecting the planet for future generations is something people are increasingly concerned about. Donating toys plays a crucial role in this. Stopping toys from ending up in landfills is vital to reducing waste and means perfectly usable toys get a whole new lease on life with a new child instead of being discarded.

Support Good Causes

There are so many good causes that rely on donations to provide kids with toys. For a child who has never owned a toy, receiving a pre-loved toy can be really exciting and make a huge difference to them. The idea of a well-loved toy bringing joy to a new child is certainly a great feeling.

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Where Can I Donate Toys for Children in Need?

Here are some of the good causes that will likely be more than happy to take your toys off your hands:

U.S. Marine Tots for Toys

Donating your toys to the U.S. Marine Toys for Tots will see your toys given to disadvantaged children across the United States this Christmas.


When you donate your toys and other items to Goodwill, these will be sold in their thrift stores and the charity will use the profits to support their good causes.

Salvation Army

As with donating to Goodwill, giving your pre-owned toys to the Salvation Army will mean they’re re-sold at a lower price, and the money generated is used to support their charitable endeavors.


Children that spend a lot of time at hospital often miss out on the simple things in life, such as playing with toys. Donating your toys to a hospital could help bring a sense of fun back to a child and keep them occupied while they’re recovering.

Daycare Centers and Schools

As you would expect, daycare centers and schools certainly get through a lot of toys. So, your donations are sure to be greatly appreciated to help keep the kiddos entertained when it’s time to play.

Children’s Homes and Foster Care Programs

Toy donations to kids living in children’s homes, shelters, or in foster care programs are usually in high demand and can make a really big difference in a child’s life. Contacting your local children’s services or social services office and asking where you can donate items is a great place to start.


Most libraries have a toy corner to keep kids occupied during their visit. Libraries are often dependent on having these toys donated to them, so your toys will be enjoyed and appreciated by kids throughout the local community.

Wherever you choose to donate your toys, you can be sure that they will be appreciated and bring a lot of joy to a lot of other children.



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