Educational Toys for Kids Age 5

Our educational toys for five year olds make learning fun! We know because all our presents are tested by actual kids! Just add gift wrap and a handwritten card at checkout to send a thoughtful gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find fun but educational toys for 5 year olds?

At 5 years old your children are learning how to read, write and add up so to help nurture these important skills, it's important to find toys which are both educational and fun! Here at Wicked Uncle we have an array of toys and gifts which will help little ones learn about animals, history and even do their very own science experiment!

What are the top educational gifts for a 5 year old?

Our top educational gifts will encourage your 5 year old to improve their creativity and problem-solving skills by introducing complex construction and coding toys!

What's the best type of educational puzzles for kids?

Whichever type of educational puzzle you are looking for, you need to make sure it's fun! Crosswords puzzles will lead to better focus and memory. Jigsaws may not be quite as enriching, but they're still an amazing activity to do and will spark your 5 year olds imagine!