Educational Toys for Kids Age 8

Encourage your child's love for learning with our collection of amazing educational gift ideas which include hydraulic solar construction kits, see under water with our Seacope and read over 400 crazily connected facts with Factopia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best educational toys for 8 year olds?

The best educational toys for an 8 year old will help them development their key stage of learning. Choose from our collection of perfect presents including engineering kits, chemistry sets and telescopes!

Where are the top educational gifts for 8 year olds?

Our top educational gifts for 8 year olds focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). From solar engineering kits, to construction, to experiments here at Wicked Uncle we have the perfect present for any kid!

Where can I find learning games for 8 year olds?

Right here at Wicked Uncle! For 8 year olds you can choose games that are fun and educational but also require a longer attention span. Because at this age, children start to use their motor skills better and discover their strengths as development milestones.