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Wooden Rainforest Jigsaw - 48 Wild Pieces

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Lovely wooden jigsaw puzzle with a colorful jungle theme.

This wonderfully handcrafted puzzle has 48 easy to slot together pieces. Depicting a beautifully illustrated rainforest, with images ranging from active ants to slippery snakes, this puzzle is a sensory delight! Test your hand-eye coordination and animalistic acumen piecing together your very first big-kid puzzle! There's even a convenient wooden set-up and storage tray. Bring the rainforest to life!

Wooden Rainforest Jigsaw
Wooden Rainforest Jigsaw Detail
Wooden Rainforest Jigsaw Lifestyle

Why They'll love it

  • 48 pieces of handcrafted, painted wood pieces
  • Convenient set-up and storage tray
  • Vivid sensory depictions!

Technical Stuff

  • Ages: 4+
  • Size: 15.7" x 11.2"
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs