As Big As...Height Chart - 190 Wacky Comparisons!


Compare heights with famous people, wild animals & bizarre objects!

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Brilliant height chart showing an amazing scale of iconic people, creatures and bizarre objects.

Step right up and measure yourself against famous people, from Harry Potter and Elvis to Henry VIII and Einstein. With 190 fascinating and wacky comparisons, are you taller than a Dalek, an Olympic Hurdle or even a Yeti? From a drawing pin all the way up to an ostrich, full of fascinating sizes - discover a traffic cone is bigger than the smallest horse in the world! So you can even compare the family pet - then find out who in the family is the same height as Count Dracula!

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Suck UK I Am As Big As Height Chart
I Am As Big As
Fun Height Chart

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  • Measure yourself against iconic people
  • As well as creatures & bizarre objects!

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