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The Kicks: Under Pressure


Another installment in "The Kicks" series, brought to you by a real life Olympic soccer athlete, Alex Morgan!

This time, the all-girls team is approaching the spring season close on the heels of their shocking fall season triumph! Now that all eyes are on them, captain Devin and her teammates are nervous about living up to expectations - can they win now that everyone thinks they will? This chapter book is perfect for early readers, and highlights important themes for young girls looking to get ahead in the world - teamwork, hard work and practice, raising the glass ceiling! Find out how Devin and her team overcome their struggles, and whether or not they've got another winning season in them!

The Kicks: Under Pressure
The Kicks: Under Pressure Chapter 1
The Kicks: Under Pressure Detail
The Kicks: Under Pressure Credits

Why They'll love it

  • 122 riveting pages of big type and fantastic early reader language
  • Hardback book perfect for taking on the go
  • The basis for the original streaming TV series from Amazon!

Technical Stuff

  • Ages: 9+
  • Size: 5.5" x 0.5" x 8.25"
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs

About Ten Year Olds

Highly active, clever little people with lots of opinions. They will undoubtedly be sitting by computers, but they also need toys and games to play with and real world objects. They have got stacks of energy so anything involving hurling objects around outside is good. Kites are great at this age as they can start to control them properly. This is the age when they get seriously speedy so you might need to dust off your running shoes if you want to keep up.

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