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Crazy Face Magnetibook - mix and match!

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Use the magnetic jigsaw pieces to make your own face designs or match your creations with the 12 face cards.

From French company Janod, help little ones explore their creative side with this fun and wicked magnetic jigsaw set. Complete with 12 face cards and 67 colorful and wacky magnets, they'll immensely enjoy making as many combinations as possible. Add bow ties, pirate hats, glasses and mustaches to the face and see what you can create. Packaged in a book shaped vibrant box, this gift is great fun for exploring objects and colors - and getting a little creative!


Why They'll love it

  • 67 wacky magnet pieces
  • 12 colorful face cards
  • Hilarious learning fun

Technical Stuff

  • Ages: 3+
  • Box Size: 10.5'' x 7.5'' x 1.5''
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs

About Three Year Olds

Three year olds are quite enthusiastic about pretending to be grown ups. They like to get involved in the kitchen and the garden, and they enjoy playing “let’s pretend” games, Three is the age when they start accelerating and become harder to catch. Major exploring age when plants, gardens and water are endlessly fascinating. Expect them to eat worms. Firemen are now a source of fascination.

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